Dog Barks at Boyfriend? Here’s What to Do!

You just want them to get along so you can all spend time together, but your dog keeps barking at your boyfriend. Why can’t they just accept him? Why is your dog barking at your boyfriend? And what does it mean if your dog is barking at your boyfriend all of a sudden? Is your dog afraid of your boyfriend?

Well, the good news is that we’re going to answer all of the questions you have about this frustrating problem today. And, of course, we’ll cover how to stop your dog from barking at your boyfriend. Soon, you’ll all be able to spend time together peacefully! Keep reading below for our article “Dog Barks at Boyfriend? Here’s What to Do!”

How to Get My Dog to Stop Barking at My Boyfriend

Dog Barks at Boyfriend

To stop your dog barking at your boyfriend, they need to learn to become quiet when instructed. To accomplish that, take your dog somewhere you know they’ll want to bark like the park, with lots of small dog treats. Keep them on their leash and stay a good distance away from the other people and animals at the park.

Once your dog begins barking, say “quiet” in a positive and calm voice. If they give you their attention, then reward them right away with praise and a treat. But if they start barking again or never even stop, then you should place a treat inside your fist.

Put your hand right by your dog’s nose. Your dog will still be able to detect the treat even inside of your hand and will stop their barking to investigate it. Once they’ve become silent and are also paying their full attention to you, again issue the “quiet” command and then open your hand to give them a treat and praise.

If your dog continues staying silent, keep rewarding them with a treat and praise. But if they resume barking again, regardless of whether it’s at someone at the park or at you, repeat the steps of hiding a treat within your fist, placing it next to their nose, and then waiting until they’ve become silent.

Be sure that you’re waiting until your dog has become quiet before you reward them. This helps form a positive connection with your dog with paying attention and getting silent whenever you say “quiet.” Reward them with treats and praise right away when your dog is doing what they should.

With repetition, consistency, and patience, your dog will get quiet solely by you giving them the command, and you won’t need to place your hand by their mouth. You should then begin increasing the amount of time before you give them any rewards. Start with just a couple of seconds, then increase that to 5 seconds, and so on.

Soon, the food rewards and praise will no longer be needed and your dog will stop barking at at your boyfriend or at anything else just by giving the “quiet” command.

Still, to make real, long-lasting progress you need to ultimately address the problem at its root. Right now, your dog is basically doing whatever they want, losing control of their emotions, and most importantly: not listening to you or your commands to stop an unwanted behavior (barking when your boyfriend’s around).

To properly cover that, we must first talk about what makes dogs function and has for thousands and thousands of years now. You’ve likely heard before that all dogs are pack animals, and that in every pack there is a pack leader.

But every time that your dog barks at your boyfriend, they are without a doubt showing you that they have no trust for you as the head of the family pack.

If they did, they wouldn’t bark at your boyfriend without caring when you tell them to quit. They wouldn’t engage in any other types of dominance or anxiety-related misbehavior. And they would immediately obey your commands at all times, and they would do so happily.

Make it clear to your dog that you are not just their pack leader, but a capable one worthy of respect, and you’ll make all of these wonderful transformations happen.

Obviously, you’ll win. But your dog will be the even bigger winner here because they’ll no longer have to deal with all of the confusion and worry that their anxiety and dominance problems are currently saddling them with 24/7.

Sounds like a wonderful thing, doesn’t it?

“Yes, definitely, but how do I do this then?”

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Why Is My Dog Barking at My Boyfriend?

Your dog is barking at your boyfriend because they may have had a bad experience with an unknown male, likely when they were younger. This causes them to feel anxious and protective of both themselves and you. If your boyfriend is known to them and has been, then they’re likely feeling dominant and feel demanding of your attention, which they don’t want to give up to him.

Your dog loves you very much, so it’s not uncommon for them to not want to share your affection or to feel the need to protect you. Dogs know that men are larger and stronger, so they may see it as their duty to keep your boyfriend away, particularly if they’ve had negative experiences with a man in the past (even if it wasn’t your boyfriend).

But your dog needs to listen when you tell them that someone — in this case, your boyfriend — is not a threat. If they do not do so and continue to bark even when told to stop, then they are being disobedient and are showing clear signs that feel dominant over you. Essentially, your dog thinks that they get to decide who is a threat, and when that threat has been quelled.

It’s important that you take care of this problem right away. Obviously, it’s already affecting your time with your boyfriend. But left unaddressed, your dog’s problems are only going to spread and escalate. You’ll find them misbehaving more and more often, and in areas and with people that have nothing to do with your partner.

Your dog will bark at people in restaurants, they’ll bark at your girlfriends when they come to hang out, and they’ll probably even bark at the groomer. It’s not out of the question that things could get to the point that your dog is even biting any visitor to your home.

I’m sure you want to get a handle on this immediately before things get worse. To do so, go back to the first section now where we’ll walk you through exactly what to do to get your dog to stop barking at your boyfriend, and to control them at all other times as well.

Dog Suddenly Barking at Boyfriend

Your dog is suddenly barking at your boyfriend because they may have had a recent negative experience with them, even if it was unintentional. Perhaps your boyfriend took a spot your dog loves, or absentmindedly put their ball down where your dog couldn’t get to it.

A change in appearance could also be possible. Did your boyfriend grow a beard? Have they cut their long hair short? While dogs can recognize us by smell, a change in the way he looks would still be very confusing to your dog, which would make many dogs feel anxious. It’s very common for dogs to then respond by barking.

Try to keep your dog calm and reassure them that everything’s fine. If they don’t respond to your directions to quiet down and stop barking at your boyfriend, then you should go back to the first section now where we’ll explain how you can make that happen on command.

Is My Dog Afraid of My Boyfriend?

Your dog could be afraid of your boyfriend. It’s common for many dogs to be scared of men, particularly if they’re new to them. This will be particularly true for men that are large and that have deep voices. Scared dogs will often respond by barking or attempting to retreat to somewhere they feel safe.

Other signs that your dog is afraid of your boyfriend would include trembling, shaking, pacing, panting, salivating, and being too distracted to get their attention. Try to have your boyfriend toss a treat (don’t hand it to them) to help ingratiate them to your dog.

I’m sure you’re sick of your dog not getting alone with your partner, so I’ll let you get started now. Best of luck with all of this, and thank you for reading our article “Dog Barks at Boyfriend? Here’s What to Do!”