Dog Barks at Guinea Pigs? Here’s How to Stop It!

They’re both so adorable and such treasured parts of your family, but your dog and your guinea pig just can’t get along. Why is your dog barking at your guinea pig? Why does your dog not like your guinea pig? And how worried should you be? Do dog barks scare guinea pigs, or do they just ignore them?

Today, we’re going to answer all of the questions you have about this frustrating behavior between your two furry family members. Most importantly, we’ll tell you how to stop your dog barking at your guinea pigs for good. Soon, you’ll no longer have to worry about any of this. Keep reading below for our article “Dog Barks at Guinea Pigs? Here’s How to Stop It!”

How to Stop Dog Barking at Guinea Pigs

Dog Barks at Guinea Pigs

To stop dog barking at guinea pigs:

  1. Put your dog on a leash and take them into the room where you keep your guineas.
  2. If your dog barks at your guineas, give a calm but firm “stop” or “no” immediately.
  3. Take your dog back out of the room and put them into a time-out in their crate or a closed-off room with no toys for about 10 minutes.
  4. Let some time pass so that your guinea pigs can calm.
  5. Try again later by repeating this process. Speak softly to your dog and remind them to be quiet.
  6. If your dog stays calm, reward them with pets, quiet praise, and a small treat.
  7. Keep the interaction no longer than 10 minutes, even if your dog is doing well.
  8. Do not let your dog get close to the guineas’ cage, tank, or pen, even if they’re being calm.
  9. Slowly ramp up the amount of time you let the two animals spend in the same room. Always supervise, and keep things under 30 minutes.
  10. Continue to immediately remove your dog at the first signs of aggression, but reward them when they do well.
  11. Bring a quiet, non-squeaky toy to keep your dog occupied.
  12. Ensure that anyone else in the home is also following these steps.
  13. Be consistent and patient.

Your dog should soon learn not to bark at your guinea pigs, but you’ll need to get a handle on their disobedience and dominance which was causing all of this in the first place. While they may no longer bark at your guineas, the root problems will still remain and will continue to show themselves at other times. And if completely unaddressed, they’ll get worse.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, let’s first quickly talk about what makes dogs the way that they are so that we can properly get to the underlying issue and treat it appropriately. I’m sure you’ve likely heard before that dogs are pack animals and that in every pack there is a pack leader.

But when your dog barks at your guineas and refuses to stop, and when they display other types of disobedience, they are definitively telling you that they don’t respect you in this role.

If they did, your dog wouldn’t bark at your guinea pigs, as they would trust that you are capable of determining who should be in the home. They would not engage in any other types of disrespect or dominance. And they would obey your commands — happily — at all times.

You’d be better off for obvious reasons, as would your guinea pigs. But your dog would be too because they’ll no longer have to deal with all of the stress and other problems that living in a home with pack leader confusion is currently causing them to suffer from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So it’s a great thing for everyone, right?

“Of course, but how am I supposed to make any of this happen?”

You should watch an excellent free video series which is on this exact subject — how to be your dog’s pack leader — by a renowned trainer named Dan. In the series, he explains everything you’ll need to know in ways that are very easy to understand and teach to your own dog, and he gets immediately to the point so that you’ll start seeing these important changes in your dog in no time.

Start watching Dan’s free training series now by clicking here. And no, you’re going to have to yell or be mean to your four-legged little friend. Dan uses only 100% humane and loving methods at all times. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s the fastest way to achieve permanent changes in your dog’s behavior.

Why Is My Dog Barking at My Guinea Pig?

Your dog is barking at your guinea pig because they instinctually see them as prey but can’t get to them, which is very frustrating. It’s likely you’ll also see your dog showing other signs of viewing your guinea pig as prey, such as lunging at their cage/tank, or growling at them.

Depending on your dog’s temperament, it’s less likely but possible that your dog realizes that your guinea pig is part of the family and just wants to play, but doesn’t understand that it isn’t really possible. If this is the case, you should see your dog also doing things like play bows or wagging their tail. If they’re barking, it would be light and high-pitched.

But if your dog is refusing your commands to stop barking at your guinea pigs, then you have a clear disobedience and dominance issue that needs to be resolved right away. This type of belief in your dog is likely also causing other types of misbehavior or will be in the very near future, which could be even worse and more dangerous.

If you have other pets, they’ll be going after and barking at them too. You’ll see that your dog is barking at your hamsters, barking at your cats, barking at your gerbils, or barking at your ferrets. Out in public, your dog will likely be very aggressive towards strangers and other dogs.

Obviously, none of these are acceptable, so it’s important that you stop your dog from barking at your guinea pigs and engaging in their other disobedience issues right away. Go back to the first section now where we went over the exact steps to follow.

Why Does My Dog Not Like My Guinea Pig?

Your dog does not like your guinea pig because they see them as a rodent and as prey. They’re also small and run much slower than dogs, making them even more attractive to go after. It’s in your dog’s instincts to see these types of animals as intruders and as an easy lunch.

That being said, there are plenty of homes where guinea pigs are living peacefully with dogs. But to get there you’ll have to be very careful, take things slow, and always supervise them together. Go back to the first section now where we covered how to calm your dog around your guinea pig.

Do Dog Barks Scare Guinea Pigs?

Dog barks do scare guinea pigs because they are a much larger, predator animal. Guinea pigs also have very sensitive hearing which makes the experience of a dog barking at them even more stressful and frightening.

It is in both of your animals’ instincts to not trust each other, so you’ll have to be careful with them at first. Your dog sees your guinea pigs as rodents and easy prey, while your guineas see your dog as a loud and threatening predator.

I’m sure you’re looking forward to having a home where your dogs and guineas live in peace, so I’ll let you begin now. Best wishes with everything, and thank you for reading our article “Dog Barks at Guinea Pigs? Here’s How to Stop It!”