Dog Chewed Blu-Ray Disc? Here’s How to Stop It!

Are your Blu-Ray discs falling victim to your dog’s chewing habits? Our article, “Dog Chewed Blu-Ray Disc? Here’s How to Stop It!” has the answers you need. We’ll discuss how to stop your dog from chewing Blu-Ray discs, why they’re drawn to them, and whether it’s safe for them to chew on these items.

Additionally, we’ll touch on the question of whether your dog will grow out of this habit. Let’s help you protect your Blu-Ray collection and your furry friend!

How to Stop Dog from Chewing Blu-Ray Discs

Dog Chewed Blu-Ray Disc

To stop your dog chewing on your Blu-Rays:

  1. Keep Blu-Rays hidden away or as inaccessible as possible.
  2. Be sure your dog can always find an acceptable outlet for their chewing such as a toy that will keep them busy.
  3. Spray something to deter your dog, such as a 1:1 blend of water and distilled white vinegar onto a cloth and wipe down the Blu-Rays with it.
  4. The solution is safe for both your Blu-Ray discs and the cases.
  5. The scent will go away after about an hour, but your dog will still be deterred.
  6. Give a firm but calm “no” or “stop” the second when you see that your dog is again chewing on your Blu-Rays.
  7. Don’t get angry or yell, because if they’re acting like this stemming from anxiety (which is incredibly likely), this will only make their worries worse.
  8. Put them into a short time-out in their crate or a closed-off room for roughly ten minutes.
  9. If you observe your dog beginning to go for the Blu-Rays, point their attention to a toy.
  10. Reward them with a small treat, pets, and praise when they select their toy instead of chewing the Blu-Ray disc or cases.
  11. Be sure that everybody who lives in your house is also using these steps.
  12. Be patient and consistent.

This should stop your dog from chewing Blu-Rays, but you’ll still need to address the underlying issue which was causing all of this in the first place: your dog’s anxiety or boredom. If you ignore that, your dog will continue to suffer, and you’ll find that they’ll keep misbehaving in other related ways.

And to do that, we must first discuss what makes dogs tick deep down. I’m sure you’ve heard before that all dogs are pack animals, and that in every pack there is a pack leader.

But when your dog chews your Blu-Rays, they are without a doubt proving to you that they don’t respect you as the head of the family pack.

If they did, they wouldn’t chew on your Blu-Rays and continue doing so even after you’ve commanded them to stop. They wouldn’t engage in any other types of misbehavior or disrespect. And they would obey your commands at all times — happily — and they would do so right away.

Show your dog that you are not just their pack leader, but one worthy of respect, and you’ll make all of these great changes happen.

Obviously, you’ll be better off. But your dog will be too because you’ll have freed them from all of the worry and confusion that their behavior issues are currently burdening them with 24/7.

Sounds great, right?

“Yes, absolutely, but how do I do any of this?”

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Why Do Dogs Chew Blu-Ray Discs?

Dogs chew Blu-Ray discs primarily due to anxiety or boredom. Just like us, dogs can experience stress or restlessness, which may lead them to seek out items to chew on as a form of relief. Additionally, your dog may simply be curious about the texture or taste of a Blu-Ray disc, making it an appealing object to gnaw on. Finally, teething is a possibility for puppies.

Providing a stimulating environment and addressing any underlying anxiety issues can help deter this behavior. Another good step is to place your Blu-Ray discs out of your dog’s reach, but remember that it won’t solve the underlying issue. Your dog will simply turn to other items to chew destructively as a way to address their problem.

You’ll see that your dog chews on your DVDs, chews on your records, chews on your CDs, chews on your VHS tapes, or chews on your cassette tapes. That’s why you need to get down to this issue at its root. To find out the specific steps for doing so, go back to the first section of this article now.

Is It Safe for Dogs to Chew on Blu-Ray Discs?

Chewing on Blu-Ray discs is not safe for dogs. The hard plastic can easily splinter or break into sharp pieces, posing a choking hazard or causing damage to your dog’s mouth, throat, or digestive system.

Furthermore, the chemicals found in the disc’s material can be toxic if ingested, leading to serious health complications. To protect your furry friend, it’s essential to keep Blu-Ray discs out of their reach and provide appropriate chewing alternatives.

Will My Dog Grow Out of Chewing Blu-Ray Discs?

Some dogs may naturally grow out of chewing Blu-Ray discs as they mature, especially if the behavior is related to teething. However, it’s important not to let this habit become a learned behavior, as your dog might continue to find chewing on discs enjoyable even after the core issue is resolved.

To prevent this, it’s crucial to address the root cause of the behavior, whether it’s anxiety, boredom, or teething, and provide suitable alternatives for your dog to chew on. Go back to the first section of this article now where we’ll address everything you need to know with easy-to-follow steps.

You should now know everything you need to handle your dog’s Blu-Ray disc chewing, so I’ll let you get started. Good luck with everything, and thank you for reading our article “Dog Chewed Blu-Ray Disc? Here’s How to Stop It!”