Dog Chewing Books? Here’s How to Stop It!

If you’re a book lover and a dog owner, you may have experienced the frustrating situation of finding your beloved books with bite marks or torn pages. Many dogs love to tear up or go after things, and unfortunately, your books often become the target of this destructive chewing.

But don’t worry, there are several ways to prevent your furry friend from chewing your literary treasures. In this article, we’ll explore why dogs chew books, why they destroy them, and why some dogs even eat paper books. We’ll also, of course, teach you how to stop this behavior and protect your library.

So, let’s get started with “Dog Chewing Books? Here’s How to Stop It!”

How to Stop Dog From Chewing Books

Dog Chewing Books

To stop dog chewing books:

  1. Keep your books stored away or high up on your shelves where they can’t get to them.
  2. Make sure your dog is never without a safe outlet for their chewing such as a toy that can keep them busy.
  3. Give a calm but firm “no” or “stop” right away when you notice your dog is biting books or anything similar.
  4. Don’t get upset or scream, because if they’re misbehaving like this due to anxiety (which is very likely), this will only make their problems worse.
  5. Put them in a short time-out in a closed-off room or their crate for about 10 minutes.
  6. If you catch your dog beginning to go towards your books again, redirect their attention to a toy.
  7. Reward them with praise, pets, and a small treat when they pick a toy instead of chewing on a book.
  8. Make sure that anyone else who lives with you is also using these procedures.
  9. Remain consistent and patient.

This will get your dog to stop chewing books, but it’s important to remember that the underlying behavioral issue (anxiety, boredom, etc.) that was causing all of this to begin with will still be present. And until you address that, any positive changes you see are only going to be temporary.

“Okay, how do I make these changes last then?”

By getting your dog to truly choose to follow your direction, that’s how. I tried many times to write out how you can do that before deciding it made more sense to just link you to the free video series that explains it better than I’d ever be able to.

The series is by a man named Dan who is one of the world’s leading dog obedience trainers. In it, he teaches you how to put an end to things like when your dog chews books and all other misbehavior using his fast and easy-to-follow methods.

In the first video, Dan will reveal to you why the two most common methods of dog training only doom you to failure. You can watch the video now by clicking here. Follow the proven system he’ll show you in his series and you’ll never have to spend another second worrying about your dog chewing books ever again!

Why Is My Dog Chewing My Books?

Your dog is chewing your books for various possible reasons, with the most common being boredom, anxiety, and teething. If they’re left alone for long periods or lack stimulation, bored dogs might resort to chewing as a way to entertain themselves and expend energy. Providing your dog with toys and engaging them in regular playtime can help redirect their biting, chewing, and gnawing to more appropriate items.

Another possibility is that your dog is experiencing anxiety. Chewing can be a stress-relief mechanism for dogs, and they may target your books as an outlet for their emotions. Your novels and the other things you read also come with the nice bonus of smelling like you.

Lastly, your dog may be chewing books due to teething or dental issues. Puppies, as you likely know, go through a teething phase where they need to chew on objects to alleviate discomfort. Similarly, adult dogs may have dental pain or gum issues that lead them to chew on your books. Regular dental check-ups and providing age-appropriate chew toys can help alleviate these issues and protect your literary collection.

It may seem like you can prevent all of this by just removing the books from where your dog can get to them, and yes, obviously that will help with this specific issue. The root cause of their behavior, however, will remain and your dog will continue to seek to soothe whatever is bothering them. This means they’ll simply find other items of yours to chew up and destroy.

You’ll find that your dog chews your magazines, chews your mail, chews your newspapers, and chews your pictures. Some of these would only be minor annoyances, while others would mean losing treasured items forever, so I’m sure you can see why it’s important to get down to what’s really causing all of this. To do so, go back to the first section now where we’ll go over the exact steps you need to follow to help your dog with their problem.

Why Is My Dog Destroying My Books?

While chewing and destroying books might seem similar, there can be distinct reasons behind a dog’s destructive behavior. Territorial instincts (which are rooted in dominance) could be one cause, as dogs might feel the need to mark their territory by destroying objects that carry a strong human scent, like books. Ensuring your dog has their own designated space and belongings can help mitigate these aggressive, destructive displays.

Another reason for your dog destroying books could be attention-seeking behavior due to separation anxiety. If your dog has learned that destroying items while you’re away gets them a reaction, they may continue this behavior to gain interaction. It’s essential to avoid rewarding this behavior with attention and instead focus on positively reinforcing good behavior with praise and treats. When your dog tears up your books, however, respond with a time-out not angry yelling.

Lastly, inadequate training or a lack of boundaries could be a factor in your dog’s destructive actions. A well-trained dog is less likely to exhibit destructive behaviors, as they have been taught what is and isn’t appropriate. Consistent training and setting clear boundaries, combined with sufficient mental and physical stimulation, can help reduce the likelihood of your dog destroying your books or other belongings.

Go back to the first section now where we’ll give you the steps necessary to handle each of these situations.

Why Does My Dog Eat Paper Books?

Your dog eats paper books due to a range of possible factors, with pica being a primary reason. Pica is a compulsive eating disorder where animals ingest non-food items, and dogs with this condition might be driven to eat paper books. This behavior could stem from nutritional deficiencies or underlying medical issues. Consulting your veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan is essential if you suspect pica.

Another explanation for this behavior is the allure of the texture and scent of paper. Dogs have an acute sense of smell and may be attracted to the unique aroma of books, particularly if they carry your scent. Additionally, the texture of paper provides a satisfying crunch when chewed or eaten, further enticing your dog to consume paper books.

Lastly, your dog might eat paper books due to an inherent foraging instinct. Dogs would typically forage for food in the wild, and this behavior might translate to consuming paper books at home. To counteract this, ensure your dog’s diet is well-balanced and consider incorporating food puzzles or enrichment toys to fulfill their natural foraging instincts.

You should now know everything you need to address this destructive chewing behavior from your furry friend. Good luck with everything, and thank you for reading our article “Dog Chewing Books? Here’s How to Stop It!”

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