My Dog Gets Aggressive During Zoomies

Why does your dog get aggressive during zoomies? It’s so cute to watch them run around, but not when it’s paired with aggression. So is this an unusual behavior, or is it normal for your dog to be aggressive during zoomies? And will your puppy grow out of being aggressive during zoomies or are you going to have to handle things somehow?

Well, you no longer need to worry, because today we’re going to give you the answers to all of these questions. Most importantly, we’ll tell you exactly how to stop dog aggression during zoomies so you can watch this cuteness without getting stressed. I’m sure you’re looking forward to that, so let’s get to our article “My Dog Gets Aggressive During Zoomies.”

How to Stop Dog Aggression During Zoomies

My Dog Gets Aggressive During Zoomies

To stop dog aggression during zoomies, immediately stop play and give a calm but firm “no” or “stop” when you’ve seen signs they’re overexcited and taking things too far. You may need to get clap or raise your voice a bit to get their attention. Some dogs will also notice if you open the door to the house, and will then run back inside.

Once you’ve gotten their attention back, put them into time-out in their crate or a closed-off room with no toys for about 10 minutes. You can then let them back out to resume play, but should repeat this process as many times as necessary if they are getting aggressive while zooming again.

If your dog plays without getting aggressive, however, reward them with praise and by tossing them a small treat. Ensure that anyone else who plays with your dog is also following these steps so that they’re getting consistent feedback from everyone.

This will take time and patience, but with consistency your dog should soon learn that being aggressive during zoomies gets them negative results (the fun ending), while playing without getting overexcited gets them rewarded — and more playtime.

Still, you need to address the fact that your dog ever thought it was appropriate to respond to being overexcited by getting aggressive. And to properly do that, we should first quickly go over what makes dogs function, which is that dogs are pack animals, and in every pack there is a pack leader.

Well, when your dog gets aggressive during zoomies, gets aggressive at other times, and just generally doesn’t listen to your commands to stop any kind of misbehavior — they are basically telling you that they don’t respect you in this role. They may even see it as more of their job than yours.

If your dog did see you as the leader of the pack, they would respect that there are limits during play and they would obey your commands at all times, and do so happily.

But once you’ve proven that you are not just their pack leader — but one who must be respected and listened to — your dog will stop being aggressive during zoomies and you’ll be able to stop their behavioral issues at all other times as well. And they’ll actually be much happier because they’ll have all of the stress that pack leader confusion causes them lifted off of their little shoulders.

Sounds like a win-win, right?

“Of course, but how am I supposed to do this?”

You should watch an excellent free video series by a renowned trainer named Dan which is on this exact subject: how to be your dog’s pack leader. In the series, he explains everything in ways that are very simple to understand and teach to your own dog, and he gets right to the point so that you’ll start seeing these important changes in your dog in no time.

Start watching Dan’s free training series now by clicking here. And don’t worry, because you’re not going to have to yell at or even be mean to your four-legged friend. Dan only uses 100% humane and loving methods at all times because it’s the fastest way — and the only way — to achieve permanent changes in your dog’s behavior.

Why Does My Dog Get Aggressive During Zoomies?

Your dog gets aggressive during zoomies because they are overexcited. When they’re releasing all their pent-up energy during zoomies (sprinting around seemingly out of control), it’s not uncommon for dogs to not know how to properly handle this flood of emotions. Many will not just show aggression, but also nip or bite.

For obvious reasons, you should stop your dog from being aggressive during zoomies before it escalates into something worse. Ignoring it and just assuming it’s part of play will give your dog the impression that acting in this way while zooming is acceptable. Soon, your dog will be aggressive at other times as well.

Before long, your dog won’t just be getting aggressive when excited while zooming. You’ll also see them doing it all kinds of times, like after things they don’t like. Your dog will get aggressive after baths, or aggressive at night before bedtime, and so on. Things may even escalate to the point that you have to worry about them biting your arms during play.

Clearly, none of these are things that you want to be happening. Of course, it’s normal for dogs to enjoy and get excited while running around zooming (they’re cursorial mammals, meaning they’re specifically adapted to run), but there still needs to be limits on how they behave during this time.

To stop your dog being aggressive during zoomies, you’ll need to do so through behavioral training. Go back to the first section now where we covered how to do that.

Is It Normal for My Dog to Be Aggressive During Zoomies?

It is normal for your dog to be aggressive during zoomies because many dogs get overexcited during this time. But that doesn’t mean that it’s okay, and it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to stop the behavior. If allowed, your dog will be given the impression that it’s okay — maybe even encouraged when you continue to play with them.

Encouragement will lead to the behavior occurring more frequently and at even higher levels, which could be dangerous to you, others, and other dogs. You need to stop your dog from being aggressive while zooming by using behavioral training before things get too out of control. We went over how to do that in the first section of this article.

Will My Puppy Grow Out of Being Aggressive During Zoomies?

Your puppy will not grow out of being aggressive during zoomies as this is a behavioral issue and not one that is age-related. It’s important that you begin working with your dog now regardless of their age if they’re exhibiting this type of behavior. While it’s not uncommon for your dog or puppy to get overexcited and aggressive during zoomies, it’s not okay either.

I’m sure you’re ready to enjoy playtime without worrying about where things might lead, so I’ll let you get started now. Best wishes with everything, and thank you for reading “My Dog Gets Aggressive During Zoomies.”