How to Stop Dog Jumping and Biting When Excited (+How to Calm!)

Struggling with how to stop a dog jumping and biting when excited, or maybe you’re dealing with a puppy biting and jumping? It’s not unusual to have a dog who reacts this way, but obviously, it can’t be allowed. Today, we’ll teach you what’s going on when your dog or puppy jumps and bites in excitement, and of course, how to control it.

We’ll give you practical advice on calming an excited dog and the specific strategies you’ll need to stop your dog jumping and biting without taking away their playfulness. Whether it’s a grown dog or a feisty puppy, learning to manage their excitement is key to healthy interactions. Keep reading for tips on creating a calmer, more controlled environment!

How to Stop Dog Jumping and Biting When Excited

How to Stop Dog Jumping and Biting When Excited

If your dog jumps and bites when excited, it’s typically a sign of overstimulation or a lack of training on how to properly express their excitement. Addressing this behavior involves understanding the underlying causes and implementing consistent training strategies to teach your dog more appropriate ways to show their enthusiasm.

Dog Jumps and Bites When Excited: What’s Happening?

If a dog jumps and bites out when excited, it stems from excessive energy and a lack of proper training on how to manage excitement. You may also be reinforcing this behavior at times by responding positively.

A dog jumping and biting when excited is most often a sign of affection or playfulness, not aggression.

How to Calm an Excited Dog

Calming an excited dog requires patience and a calm approach. Consistent training and setting clear boundaries are key. Engage your dog in calming activities like slow walks or gentle play before situations that typically trigger excitement.

Reward calm behavior with treats and praise, and avoid overstimulating play that might encourage jumping and biting.

How to Stop a Dog From Jumping and Biting

To stop your dog from jumping and biting, a structured training approach is needed. You can start with basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’:

  1. When your dog begins to get excited, calmly give the command to ‘sit.’
  2. Once they obey, offer a treat and praise as a reward.
  3. Repeat this process consistently, especially in situations that trigger their excitement.
  4. For biting, redirect their attention to a toy or chew object.

This training helps your dog learn that calm behavior is rewarded and provides them with an appropriate outlet for their excitement.

A dog jumping and biting when excited is a common issue that can be effectively managed with consistent training and positive reinforcement. It’s important to remember, however, that the underlying behavioral issues (overexcitement, lack of socialization, etc.) that were causing all of this to begin with will still be present.

And until you address those, any positive changes you see will only be temporary.

“Well, how do I make these changes last?”

By getting your dog to truly choose to follow your direction, that’s how. I tried many times to write out how you can do that before deciding it made more sense to just link you to the free video series that explains it better than I’d ever be able to.

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Puppy Biting and Jumping

Puppy Biting and Jumping

When a puppy is biting and jumping, it’s a behavior that’s common to encounter. This action is a natural part of a puppy’s development but can be disruptive and potentially harmful if not managed properly. Understanding the root causes of this behavior is the first step in guiding your puppy towards more appropriate ways of expressing their energy and enthusiasm.

Why Is My Puppy Jumping and Biting?

Your puppy is jumping and biting mainly due to their natural playfulness, teething, and exploring the world around them. Puppies use their mouths to interact with their environment, and jumping can be a way to get attention or express excitement.

This behavior is also a part of their learning process to understand boundaries and social cues. To learn a command that will help you deal with it, go back to the first section now.

Puppy Jumps and Bites When Excited

When a puppy jumps and bites out of excitement, it’s often because they haven’t yet learned how to regulate their emotions and reactions to things like you coming home or guests coming over.

This overexcited behavior can be exacerbated when they’re in stimulating environments or during playful interactions that unintentionally encourage jumping and biting.

How to Stop a Puppy From Jumping and Biting

Stopping a puppy from jumping and biting involves consistent training and positive reinforcement. Teach your puppy commands like ‘sit’ and ‘down’ to manage their behavior.

Redirect their biting to appropriate chew toys, and consistently discourage jumping by turning away or ignoring them when they jump. Praise and reward them when they remain calm and keep four paws on the ground.

In conclusion, while puppy biting and jumping are common behaviors, they can be effectively managed with patience, consistent training, and positive reinforcement. Understanding why your puppy exhibits these behaviors and guiding them with appropriate training techniques is key to ensuring their healthy development into well-mannered adult dogs.

I’m sure you’re ready to begin now that you have all of your questions about your dog jumping up on people answered, so I’ll let you get started on things. Best wishes, and thank you for taking a look at our article “How to Stop Dog Jumping and Biting When Excited (+How to Calm!)”.

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