How to Be Your Dog’s Pack Leader

How to be dog's pack leader. Make training your dog more enjoyable and better for the both of you! Teach your dog to be obedient the humane and loving way, just by reading this article!
One of the questions people are constantly asking when it comes to dog training is, “how do I become my dog’s pack leader?” Sure, they’re probably going to say it in a different way, but ultimately that is what they’re really getting at.

Why is being pack leader so important, you might be wondering? Because the pack leader is the decision maker. They decide where to go during a walk, how to behave, and how to respond to different situations.

Now you can probably see why letting your dog know that YOU are the pack leader is so important, right?

How do I become pack leader?

Well, for starters let’s cover some things that are NOT important to your dog. What type of car your drive, how big your house is, or how much money you earn are obviously not things your dog cares about. They’d trade all that for a nice treat.

Unfortunately, many dog parents think that the way to get through to their dog is by domination — some even to the point of getting physical. All this teaches your dog is that physical strength is all that matters.

Sure, you may succeed in getting your dog to be submissive, but it will not convince your dog that you are in charge — only that you are a bully. Many dogs will then respond with aggression (possibly violent) towards you, other people, or dogs.

how to be your dog's pack leader

So how do I show that I’m in charge then?

Regardless of their breed, all dogs use the same ways to establish who is leader of the pack. I’ll link some videos at the end of this article which will show you exactly how to go about it as well as how to correct other unwanted behaviors with your own pup.

Here’s some of the most common signs you need to establish yourself as pack leader:

  • Your dog barks uncontrollably when you are at home or out together.
  • Your dog is pulling on their leash and/or not listening during walks.
  • Your dog is constantly patrolling the house even when you are home.
  • Your dog is escaping, tearing things up or barking endlessly when you’re away.

If you’re seeing these behaviors from your dog, you won’t be able to correct any of them until you have shown them that you are the leader of the pack. That step is crucial and cannot be skipped.

An excellent dog trainer by the name of Doggy Dan has a free video series which will teach you how to be pack leader, how to make walks pleasant, end barking, and more.

Dan’s videos are easy to follow and his methods work for dogs of all ages. He’ll give you all the knowledge you need to train your dog the right way. Click here to begin watching and you’ll be well on your way to a wonderful, happy, obedient relationship with your dog.

Remember that before you can begin to address your dog’s misbehavior, you need to let them know that you are in charge (the right way). Get that taken care of and everything else will fall into place. Pin this in case you need to come back and watch later!