How to Stop Dog Dominance Aggression With Other Dogs

Do you have a dog that acts dominant and aggressive when other dogs are around? It’s worrying, scary to see, and can be dangerous for you, your dog, and the other pooch. But what should you be doing about it, if anything? Or can you just do nothing and let them grow out of being aggressive?

Well, wonder no more because today we’re going to answer all those questions (plus more) and fill you in on exactly how to fix everything in this article. Keep reading to learn how to stop dog dominance aggression with other dogs!

How Do I Stop My Dog From Being Dominant With Other Dogs?

How to Stop Dog Dominance Aggression With Other Dogs

To stop your dog from being dominant and aggressive with other dogs, you must demonstrate to your dog that you are in charge — that you are are their pack leader. You’ve surely heard that dogs are pack animals, and likely observed it yourself. But your dog will not just naturally let you assume that role.

When you are not doing the things to show your dog that you are the leader of the family pack, then they will decide to take that role themselves. At some point, you unwittingly handed over control of your household to your dog (at least, in their mind you did).

This misjudgment of who is charge of who in the home is at the core of your dog’s behavioral problems with dominance and aggression. And there’s likely other issues you’re having that can also be traced back to your pack leader issues, like excessive barking or making your life a nightmare on walks.

“Tell me then, what do I do to become my dog’s pack leader?” Well, I’m of the view that these things are better learned by watching rather than reading, which is why I’d recommend checking out an excellent free video series by a renowned trainer named Dan that’s on just this subject.

He’ll show you everything you need to do to become leader of your family pack, and in turn put an end to your dog’s dominance and aggression with other dogs, as well as other misbehaviors. And don’t worry — he of course only uses 100% humane and loving methods, so you’ll never have to worry about being mean to your pup!

Start watching Dan’s free training series now by clicking here. Don’t worry if you’re not experienced with this sort of thing because his videos are made specifically for regular people. He gets right to the point and shows you everything you need to know with very simple and easy to follow directions.

By now you’ve learned the possible reasons for your pup’s dominant aggressive behavior with other dogs, and how you need to go about putting a stop to it. Follow Dan’s videos and you’ll have control of your family pack, and the relationship you always wanted with your doggo in no time!

Why Is My Dog Being So Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?

Your dog being aggressive towards other dogs because:

  • Your dog feels the need to protect you.
  • Your dog is scared and feels the need to protect itself.
  • Your dog thinks they need to protect territory.
  • Your dog has not been properly socialized with other dogs.
  • Your dog is being possessive of food or toys.
  • Your dog was abused or neglected in the past.
  • Your dog was attacked by another dog previously.

Can an Aggressive Dog Be Cured?

Aggressive dogs can be cured in nearly all cases, even those that are very severe. The more serious the cause of the problem, the more difficult it will be, but it should be doable with enough time, patience, and the right aggression training techniques.

Will a Dog Outgrow Aggression?

Dogs will not outgrow aggression. In fact, left unchecked, it will tend to get worse with age. Many people mistakenly believe that dogs will grow out of dominance and aggression towards other dogs because they have perceived that happening with puppies. This is actually just the puppy outgrowing a normal biting phase.

Actual dominance and aggression will not go away unless it is corrected through proper training. You must take action to stop your dog from being aggressive towards other dogs, or the problem will only escalate.

Good luck to you, and make sure to pin or share this in case you want to come back and read it again later!

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