Fearful Dog Training: How to Give Your Dog Confidence

Fearful dog training. Train your dog how to be more confident. 5 proven ways to get your dog to quit being so scared. Teach your dog stop being scared so that they can enjoy life! Find how to get your dog to stop being fearful in this article!
It’s saddening to see just how many dogs are written off as untrainable or too aggressive. In reality, the problem is simply that the dog is fearful because they lack the strong pack leader they have been bred to follow for centuries.

And I’m not trying to call out the owners here. They’re typically some of the nicest, most caring people you’ll ever meet and want nothing more than for their dog to be happy and sociable.

What they’re failing to realize is that their dog is trying to send them a message. Their dog is trying to say, “hey, I need and want you to be my pack leader!” When dogs are misbehaving in this way, they’re showing that they’re not up to the task on their own.

Imagine this scenario: you’re a young child — not even old enough for school yet. You’re walking through the woods with your even younger sister when suddenly you hear a strange noise, and a person appears to be coming towards you.

How would you react? With fear, of course! Not only that, you’d be nervous, jumpy… a total mess!

Now imagine if your parents were there with you. The situation would not be frightening, and you’d go about your pleasant stroll because you’d feel confident everything was fine.

That fear you just imagined is what your dog is going through when you make your dog the pack leader. They’re confused, terrified, and just want to be safely at home.

When you make your dog the pack leader, you are forcing them to handle all the responsibility of our chaotic human world. And there are far, far too many strange and scary things out there for them to handle without eventually acting out.

To put an end to your fearful dog’s aggressive behavior, you need to show them that you are their pack leader. Your dog absolutely can change, here’s some tips to get you started down the right path:

  • don’t push for change too fast or your dog will struggle and push back
  • have friends ignore your dog when first meeting them
  • wait until your dog is calm before allowing friends to call them over to meet
  • if your dog stays put, they are still too scared and should be left alone
  • watch fearful dog training videos so you can see exactly how to become your dog’s pack leader

Making it absolutely clear to your dog that you are in charge — that you are their pack leader — is crucial to seeing any success with training a fearful dog. You will not make progress, and cannot help your dog, until you realize this.

One of the world’s leading trainers, Doggy Dan, has an excellent free video series which covers just this very subject and more. Start watching now by clicking here and he’ll show you just how it’s done using very simple to follow methods.

I’m confident that Dan’s videos will help you give your fearful dog confidence and allow them to live the happy, fun, and free life you want for them. Please make sure to pin this in case you need any reminders in the future!