How to Get a Dog Out From Under the House

Do you have a dog who loves to explore every little nook and cranny they can find? Was it cute at first, but now they’re getting into places they shouldn’t be, like under your house or deck, and you’re getting both frustrated with them and also worried about what might happen?

Allowing your dog to keep hiding under the house isn’t a good idea for many reasons. They could damage your property or get hurt somehow. So how do you get them out and keep them out? Keep reading, because in this article “How to Get a Dog Out From Under the House” we’re going to give you all the answers you need!

How to Stop a Dog from Going Under the House

How to Get a Dog Out From Under the House

To stop a dog from going under the house, you’ll need to get them to respect your commands and the boundaries you set using behavioral training. At the moment, whether your dog is going under the house because they want to explore or because they’re scared and want to hide, it’s all ultimately rooted in the same problem.

And what’s that problem? Pack leader confusion. What’s that you’re wondering? Well, you’ve likely heard before that dogs are pack animals, and that in every pack there will be a pack leader. All of the reasons we’ve covered for why your dog is going under your house come back to this.

If they’re doing it because they’re scared, then they don’t view you as a capable and effective leader, so they seek out the closest thing to a den they can find to provide them with safety and security.

And if they’re doing it because they’re curious, then they don’t respect you as a leader, so they refuse your commands and do whatever pleases them. This can quickly develop into other problems like aggression, pulling on the leash, and barking non-stop.

So how do we go about getting things back in order then, with you at the top of the family pack? Well, the great news is that this is not an uncommon problem to be having, so there’s already a very easy-to-follow solution out there that’s been proven many times over.

The solution I’m referring to is an excellent free video series on how to become your dog’s pack leader by a renowned trainer named Dan. In it, he’ll teach you everything you need to know to get your dog to respect your leadership, and to view you as a source of safety as well — and you’ll do it all without ever having to be mean or even raise your voice.

Start watching Dan’s free training series now by clicking here. And no worries if you have zero experience with this type of thing, because you’re exactly who the videos were made for. Dan explains everything so that it’s very easy to follow and teach to your own dog, and he gets right to the point so you’ll start seeing results before you know it.

Why Is My Dog Under the House?

Dogs like to go under the house for many different reasons. Some will do it because they are feeling scared and anxious, and want somewhere safe that reminds them of a den (remember, dogs come from wolves) in which to hide. Others are doing so because they love to explore new areas and smells, and there are all kinds of those under the house.

You can probably figure out pretty quickly based on your dog’s behavior which is which. If your dog is hiding under the bed, hiding under the couch, and in other areas, then obviously they have anxiety issues which are also causing your dog to hide under the house. You need to address their fear issues right away, which can be done through behavioral training (more on this in the last section).

But if your dog is very sociable, playful, and constantly getting into things, then it’s very safe to assume that your dog is getting under the house just because they are curious and they want to explore. As cute as it may seem, you need to address the behavior because it could lead to them getting injured or damaging things.

In this case, you need to get your dog to respect your commands and the boundaries you’ve set, which right now they are clearly not. Go back to the first section for more on how to do that.

Should I Let My Dog Hide Under the House?

You should not let your dog hide under the house. While it may seem innocent, particularly if they’re just using it as a makeshift den and not actually getting into things, you can’t allow the behavior to continue. For starters, if anything goes wrong and your dog gets injured or hurt, you won’t be able to get under there to help them — or it will at least be very difficult.

And while you may know that you have nothing dangerous down there,  that doesn’t mean other critters and things couldn’t have gotten under your house without you knowing. Your dog getting into it with an unknown animal under your house could spell disaster, as all sorts of dangerous creatures — including those with rabies — like to hide out under houses.

How Do You Coax a Dog Out From Under the House?

To coax a dog out from under the house, you can simply just lure them out. Make sure to use a positive, calm voice while doing so in case your dog thinks they’re in trouble. Do they have a favorite toy? Bring it as close as you can get to them and in their line of sight — and show them while telling them to come play. Treats also work great.

Just ensure that you actually give the dog the treat or playtime when they come out. While you don’t want to positively reinforce negative behaviors, in this case you’re only rewarding them for coming out. You’ll have to work on stopping the behavior of going under the house through behavioral training next.

How to Get Dog out From Under Deck

To get a dog out from under the deck, you can entice them to come out using their favorite toy or a treat. Make sure you stay positive and don’t get angry with them during this. Once they’re out, give them the treat or some brief playtime, then you should start working on stopping your dog from getting under the deck again through behavioral training.

I’ll let you get started watching now because I’m sure you’re looking forward to seeing these changes in your dog, and to not have to worry about them going under the house any longer. Make sure to share this article “How to Get a Dog Out From Under the House” in case you’d like to read it again later. Good luck with everything!