How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Barking in the Car?

BARK, BARK, BARK! You can probably hear your dog’s trademark woof right now, can’t you? You’ve heard it plenty of times when you’re together in the car, and the frustration is definitely getting really old at this point, I’m sure.

But how exactly do you end it? And why are they doing it in the first place? Keep reading, because in this article we’ll answer everything you need to know about “how do I get my dog to stop barking in the car?”

How to Stop My Dog Barking in the Car

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Barking in the Car?

To stop your dog barking in the car, you must address what is really causing it. Whether they are worried about where they’re going, feeling the need to protect you from something they see, or barking when you leave them in the car, they all ultimately can be traced back to not trusting your leadership.

When your dog barks in the car because they see things they think they need to protect you from, then they are essentially saying that they don’t think you can protect yourself or them. When they bark because something worries them or because you’ve left, they’re barking due to anxiety which is also basically because they don’t trust you to handle whatever comes your way.

You can stop your dog barking in the car for good — for whatever reason — by proving to them that you can handle whatever comes up. That you are in charge, and that you are a capable leader.

Right now, your dog doesn’t view things this way, which leads to your dog barking in the car. You’ve probably heard before that dogs are pack animals, and that in every pack there is a leader. And when there is no clear leader in your dog’s eyes, they will naturally assume it themselves.

Show your dog that you are their pack leader, and you will finally have their trust. You’ll get your dog to stop barking in the car, and also end many other behavioral problems you’re likely having like aggression, separation anxiety, leash pulling, and refusing to listen to commands.

“Well, yeah, I would love that. But I have no clue how to prove that to my dog…”

No problem! There’s an excellent free video series on just this subject — how to become your dog’s pack leader — by a renowned trainer named Dan which will show you everything you need to know in a 100% humane and loving manner, so no worries about being mean!

Start watching Dan’s free training series now by clicking here. And don’t worry about not having experience with this sort of thing, because you’re exactly the type of person for which the series was made. Dan explains everything in ways that are very easy to understand and teach to your own dog, and he gets straight to the point so you can start seeing results incredibly fast.

Soon, you’ll be able to take your dog along for rides in the car without worrying about barking or other misbehavior. That’ll be great, right?

Why Does My Dog Bark While Riding in the Car?

Your dog barks while riding in the car because:

  1. Anxiety. Your dog is expressing their worries because being in the car can by scary for many. Perhaps they’re worried about where they’re going, or they just get nervous riding in the car which is a very different experience for them.
  2. Excitement. Your dog really enjoys riding in the car and has trouble controlling their happiness. They let out this excited energy by barking.
  3. Barrier Aggression. Closely related to anxiety, this means that your dog is stressed out because they feel caged in. Dogs are cursorial mammals, meaning it’s natural for them to want to run and be free. Even if you do not have any dividers in your car, just the compact space can make dogs feel very closed in and worried. Their nerves cause them to lash out through barking and aggression.

Why Does My Dog Get Aggressive in the Car?

Your dog gets aggressive in the car due to barrier aggression (which makes them feel caged in) or because they are seeing things that set them off.

Your dog is noticing other people and dogs and feels the need to be protective of you, themselves, or what they perceive as their territory at the moment (your car). This leads to non-stop barking, failure to sit still and remain calm, and they’ll likely also ignore your commands to stop.

We went over this and how to stop it in the first section of this article, which you can skip to now if you’d like.

How to Stop Dog From Barking When Left in Car

To stop your dog from barking when left in the car, you’ll need to address what’s causing them to do it in this case: separation anxiety. Your dog gets very stressed when you’re gone because they feel like they need to be around at all times to protect you.

This will show itself at many other times than just while your dog is left in the car. You’ve probably also noticed it happening when you leave them at the house. Don’t listen to advice telling you to get your dog on medication, because studies have shown these not to work, while also having negative side effects like sapping a dog’s energy and making them not want to be around their owner.

Instead, you can use a short-term solution, which is to leave them with a favorite chew toy to keep them occupied. You’ll still need to address the separation anxiety at its root to actually end the negative behaviors it’s causing for good, though.

I’ll let you get started now, but good luck, and thank you for reading this article “How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Barking in the Car?”