How to Get Your Dog to Focus On You Outside

Does your dog love to focus on absolutely everything BUT you when the two of you are outside? Maybe it’s a cute little squirrel over there, or their favorite ball in the corner of the yard over there.

Either way, I’m sure you know just how frustrating it can be for a pet owner who is trying to get their dog’s attention and not getting anything in return! But no worries, because in this article we’re going to cover everything you need to know about how to get your dog to focus on you outside!

How to Get Your Dog to Focus on Your Outdoors

How to Get Your Dog to Focus On You Outside

To get your dog to focus on you outdoors, you need to realize that there will always be furry creatures and other enticements to draw away their attention. Having them locked in and focused on your commands won’t happen until you have their respect.

Your dog is easily excitable and distracted outdoors because they’re not accepting your leadership over them. In their eyes, they run the show and make the decisions which is why they do as they wish when you take them outside.

Squirrel? They’ll go check it out. Another dog? They’ll go sniff (or worse). What you want them to do isn’t really of a concern to them. After all, they’re the ones in charge so why would they need to check with you first?

But you will gain your dog’s respect and obedience by letting them know that you are the one who will be in charge. That you make the decisions, and that you are the one who will be the family’s pack leader.

It’s not difficult or even time consuming, it just takes knowing the right steps to take. And watching is a lot easier for learning than reading if you ask me. Luckily, there’s an excellent free video series by renowned trainer Doggy Dan.

He covers everything you’ll need to know to gain your dog’s respect so that they’ll focus on you outdoors rather than chasing after an enticing critter or getting into fights with other dogs while you’re on walks or at the park.

Start watching Dan’s free training series now by clicking here. All the videos are really easy to understand while being short and to the point, so if you’ll start watching now you can see changes in your dog’s behavior in no time!

My Dog Won’t Focus On Me

If your dog will not focus on you, then it’s important that you get this problem taken care of right away. Left unchecked, you dog’s behavioral problems will only get worse so it’s good that you’ve recognized the issue already.

Your dog giving you attention when prompted is necessary to make progress with training them and controlling their misbehavior. Having control of your dog’s focus is also crucially important to diverting attention away from potential fearful or aggressive behaviors with other dogs.

How Do I Get My Dog to Pay Attention to Me Outside?

To get your dog to pay attention to you outside, there a few simple but fairly effective tricks you can use. You’ll want to have some of your dog’s favorite treats around while you work on these with them.

You can begin by calling out your dog’s name and seeing if they respond. If they do, then quickly give them excited praise and a small treat as a reward. A quick pet on the head wouldn’t hurt either!

If your dog doesn’t respond at first to this technique, make it more enticing. Again call out your dog’s name, this time while waving the treat. If they still aren’t paying attention, wave it quickly near their nose then bring it up to your face.

Your dog’s attention will naturally follow the treat up to your eyes. As soon as your eyes meet, immediately offer them excited verbal praise and reward them with the treats and some pets.

This, however, will take continued time and reinforcement so you’ll need to keep working on this command. More excitable dogs also may also not respond so easily to treats with all the distractions that the outdoors has to offer.

I’m really looking forward to learning about all the ways your relationship with your dog will improve. Gaining their respect as household pack leader will not only get them to focus on you while outdoors, but also put an end to many other misbehavior issues. Good luck!