How to Get Your Dog to Walk in the Rain

It’s raining out, and you know your dog needs to go out for a walk. But you also know that the second they realize what’s going on outside they’ll put up a fight and refuse to go. Obviously, though, they have to for a walk so what are you to do?

How to Get Your Dog to Walk in the Rain

How to Get Your Dog to Walk in the Rain

How do you get your dog to go for a walk in the rain? How can you get your dog to quit being stubborn and go outside willingly whether it’s pouring or shining bright outside? Keep reading and we’ll teach you everything you need to know about getting your dog to for walks in the rain!

Make Sure Being Outdoors is a Fun Experience

Waiting until it’s pouring outside to teach your dog to be accepting of the rain will not be productive. You need to nurture their willingness in better conditions when it’s not quite so rough out, like when it’s just a light drizzle for example.

Next time it’s lightly raining, spend as much time as possible outside in the rain with your pup as you can, ensuring that it’s a fun experience for them. Bring a favorite toy outside, go to the dog park, and be sure to have small treats for positive rewards.

Dogs are simple creatures and this will create positive connections in their mind with the rain. Soon, even heavier rains will not be an issue for you and your dog.

Get a Raincoat for Your Dog to Keep Them Dry

This one will be pretty obvious as to why it will help. If your dog is particularly resistant to getting wet, buying them a raincoat will allow them to stay dry during walks and make the whole experience much more acceptable to them.

Dry Your Dog Thoroughly Immediately Upon Returning Home

This is an important one, and it’s especially crucial that you do it right away when you and your dog return from your walk.

Your dog is certainly wet and likely a little cold, so you want to create a positive association in your dog’s mind with going for walks in the rain. Drying them off with a fluffy towel right away will associate a walk in the rain with warm cuddles from their favorite person in the world. When that happens, keeping them inside when it’s raining might become your new issue!

You should now know everything you need about how to get your dog to go for walks in the rain. With some simple actions and a little planning, you can soon have your dog willingly heading to the door regardless of whether it’s rain or shine outside!