How to Stop a Dog From Lifting His Leg in the House

Sick of not being able to have visitors over because you’re afraid your dog will pee on their purse (or maybe even them)? Worry no more! In this article, we’re going to fill you in on everything you need to know about how to stop a dog from lifting his leg in the house, with tips to help you both right away and long-term!

How Can I Stop My Male Dog From Marking in the House?

How to Stop a Dog From Lifting His Leg in the House

To stop your male dog from marking in the house, there are some fast fixes you can use to help with the problem right away which we’ll cover next. To fix it long-term, you’ll need to address their underlying issues with stress and anxiety, which you’ll read how to do right after that.

Here’s what you should do to stop your male dog from marking in the house quick:

  1. Actively supervise your dog and crate them or put them out back when you notice them beginning marking behavior, such as sniffing around new items or things they already like to mark.
  2. Think about everything that could be causing your dog’s stress. It could be new items or people, unfamiliar smells, or even something like an electronic device that’s making noises you’ve learned to ignore, but your dog hasn’t.
  3. Use an enzymatic cleaner for dog urine if your dog is marking and remarking the same spots over and over. Even the slightest hint of their urine will prompt them to mark again, so you’ll need something strong to get rid of what’s reminding them.

These steps will get your dog to stop marking in the house, but it’s important to remember that the underlying behavioral issues (anxiety, training difficulties) that were causing all of this to begin with will still be present. And until you address those, any positive changes you see are only going to be temporary.

“So, how do I make these changes stick?”

By getting your dog to truly choose to follow your direction, that’s how. I tried many times to write out how you can do that before deciding it made more sense to just link you to the free video series that explains it better than I’d ever be able to.

The series is by a man named Dan who is one of the world’s leading dog obedience trainers. In it, he teaches you how to put an end to things like when your dog marks in the house and all other misbehavior using his fast and easy-to-follow methods.

In the first video, Dan will reveal to you why the two most common methods of dog training only doom you to failure. You can watch the video now by clicking here. Follow the proven system he’ll show you in his series and you’ll never have to spend another second worrying about your dog marking in the house ever again!

Why Is My Dog Suddenly Lifting His Leg in the House?

Your dog is lifting his leg in the house because something has triggered him to mark inside of your house. This is a very common problem that many dog owners face. Although it may be frustrating, the good news is that it’s also preventable!

The most common trigger for your dog marking in the house is that something is causing them to feel threatened or anxious. Changes in their environment causes worry for your dog, which often shows itself through marking.

This prompts your dog to seek out security by placing their own familiar smell around the house. New items, such as shopping bags or things belonging to visitors will be prime targets. (I bet you can think of something your dog likes to mark right now.)

Follow everything that’s been covered in this article and you’ll know exactly what to do both in the short and long-term to stop your dog marking in the house. I’m sure you’re looking forward to having friends over to your place worry-free, so I’ll let you get to it!

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