How to Stop a Dog from Snapping at Other Dogs

Dogs are adorable, loyal creatures with a big heart. They’re always ready to play and have fun, but they can also be very territorial when it comes to what they perceive as “their” space, particularly when another dog is involved.

What should you do then? Obviously we can’t go through life with our dog just accepting that every walk or trip outdoors is a potential fight. How do we stop this aggressive behavior from your dog?

Keep reading and we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to stop a dog from snapping at other dogs!

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Snapping at Other Dogs?

How to Stop a Dog from Snapping at Other Dogs

To get your dog to stop snapping at other dogs, you need to reestablish control of your household. You must make it clear to your dog that you are the one in charge and that you are the one who is pack leader. But don’t worry, you can do it all without ever even raising your voice!

How do you do it then? How do you place yourself clearly at the lead of your pack? What steps should you take next? Now, I’m of the belief that it’s quicker and easier to learn things if you just watch them and follow along, rather than reading — particularly when your dog is involved.

That’s why I’d go ahead and watch an excellent free video series from renowned trainer Doggy Dan which will cover everything that you need to know to end this frustrating and potentially dangerous behavior. His easy to follow, proven methods show you exactly what to do to establish yourself as your dog’s pack leader, putting an end to snapping and other disobedience for good.

Start watching Dan’s free training series now by clicking here. All of the videos are really quick, simple, and to the point, so start watching now and you’ll see big time improvements from your dog’s behavior in a hurry!

Why is My Dog Being Aggressive Towards My Other Dogs?

Your dog is being aggressive towards your other dogs because the power dynamic in your household is not clear. Your dog doesn’t see any clear leader in the home, so they feel it is their duty to take over and protect the pack.

Your other dogs will challenge this order of power at times, which hopefully will be limited to nothing more than snapping and growling. But if not addressed immediately, this could soon lead to dog fights within your home.

Why is My Dog Being Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?

Left completely unchecked, your dog’s aggression may grow to the point that they become aggressive towards other dogs. That’s because once you’ve allowed them to believe they’re the unquestioned protector of the home, they’ll feel it’s their duty at all times.

Your daily walk quickly becomes a security patrol for them. They’re constantly searching and scanning, looking for other dogs that they need to protect you and your other dogs from. And the second another dog comes close, they lash out and snap to warn them to stay away!

If you fail to address this dangerous misbehavior properly, that snapping could soon become actual dog fights leading to painful injuries for you, your dog, or another person’s dog.

I’m really happy to know about all the improvements you’re going to see soon in your relationship with your dog. Follow this process and you’ll stop your dog from snapping at other dogs in no time!