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How Can I Keep My Apartment Dog Happy?

In an apartment and having trouble keeping your dog happy there? Or perhaps you’re getting ready to move into one and not sure how they’ll adjust? And what if they’re big or super hyper?? No worries, because we’re going to fill you in on everything you need to know to make you and your dog’s life in your apartment a happy, headache-free one.

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How Can I Help My Dog Adjust to My Apartment Life?

How Can I Keep My Apartment Dog Happy?

To help your dog adjust to your apartment life, use these tips to help them get used to things:

  1. Let your dog visit the apartment before moving in if possible.
  2. On your first visit, bring treats to give them as you explore the new place together. Speak to them in a happy, positive tone and give pets in each room.
  3. Make sure you’ve packed a bag with all their essential items, so nothing gets stowed away in a moving box for weeks before it’s found.
  4. Keep to the routine you were following in your old place as closely as possible.
  5. Spend as much time at home as you’re able to in the first few days.
  6. Setup a corner or some type of  safe space in the apartment that will be just for your dog. Place their favorite toys, blanket, or crate here.

Do Dogs Like Living in Apartments?

Most dogs are perfectly happy living in apartments, regardless of their size. It’s just a matter of setting things up with them in mind, particularly if your dog is a larger breed.

You should also consider your dog’s activity level. Walks and trips to the dog park should become even more frequent if you do not have any type of backyard in your new apartment.

You’ll also help keep them happy by ensuring they have puzzles or toys to play with when you’re away.

Can Dogs Adapt to Apartment Living?

Dogs can absolutely adapt to apartment living, regardless of their size or activity level. It is all up to the individual dog and how much space and exercise they need. Smaller dogs and also those that are less active will likely adjust faster but there’s no reason larger and more active dogs can’t also learn to love your new apartment.

Every dog will have its own considerations you’ll need to address. If your dog is more rambunctious, they’re going to need even more walks and trips to the dog park, so that they’ll stay settled when they’re home. Also make sure the space you clear in the apartment to be “theirs” is adequate for a larger dog’s size.

Dogs which are more anxious or that bark more will need some extra attention if you want to stay on the good side of your neighbors. We have an article specifically on separation anxiety you can take a look at, or if barking is the specific issue then try reading our article on stopping your dog from barking when you leave the apartment.

Hopefully you now have all the tools you’ll need to make your life with your dog in your apartment a wonderful one! Make sure to pin or share this in case you want to read the tips again later!

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