My Dog Ate the Pad Under Meat, What Should I Do?

“My dog ate the pad under meat!” You’re probably pretty worried if your dog did this, and that’s normal. But is it okay for your dog things like this, and more importantly: are meat absorbent pads poisonous for dogs? And if so, what do you need to be doing about this scary situation?

Well, don’t worry because you’re not the first pet parent to go through this. And that means that the answers you’re looking for are well-known, and we’re going to fill you in on every bit of information you need to handle this troublesome situation. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Are Meat Absorbent Pads Poisonous for Dogs?

My Dog Ate the Pad Under Meat

The absorbent pads under meat are not poisonous for dogs. They may cause some stomach upset if ingested, but they alone will not cause serious harm to your dog. Still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful about keeping these away from your dogs as they can cause many other problems not related to toxicity.

It’s possible that if you’ve left the pad lying around something else (like salmonella) has been absorbed, which you would not want your dog to have. The pads also will swell up to many times their usual weight, which could be a choking issue or get stuck in your dog’s intestines if they’ve already eaten one.

If your dog ate a meat absorbent pad, then you should have them checked out by your vet immediately — even if they’re acting like they’re fine. In the future, take every precaution possible to ensure that your dog does not have the opportunity to even think of eating one again.

Is the Absorbent Pad in Chicken Toxic to Dogs?

The absorbent pad in chicken is not toxic for dogs but you still should not allow them to eat them for a variety of reasons. Though absorbent pads in chicken are non-toxic, they can still wind up having high bacterial counts in things like salmonella.

They can also present a very serious choking hazard for your dog while they’re swallowing them. And even once they’ve done that, you still have issues to worry about as they can get lodged in your dog’s intestines. Keep them away from your dog, and if your dog ate a chicken absorbent pad, take them to the vet right away.

Is It Bad for Dogs to Eat the Pads Under Meat?

It is bad for dogs to eat the pads under meat. While the pads themselves are not toxic or poisonous, they will often absorb things like salmonella which can be troublesome. Furthermore, your dog can choke on a pad while eating it, or have one become lodged in their intestines after swallowing.

Do everything you can to keep your dogs from eating the pads under meat. If your dog has already consumed one, then you should have them examined by your veterinarian immediately, even if they are seemingly acting fine at the moment.

What Should I Do If My Dog Ate the Pad Under the Meat?

If your dog ate the pad under the meat, you should take them to the vet for a check-up right away. While the pads themselves are not toxic, there are multiple reasons you should be concerned. For starters, the pad could’ve absorbed something like salmonella. And even if your dog swallowed the pad under the meat without a problem, it could become lodged in their intestines.

All of these are potentially serious, so you should not delay in seeking care for your dog. Yes, it’s true that vet costs can get very expensive, with just an initial exam costing on average $200 according to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. And that’s before even considering surgical costs and the follow-up medications, which can easily be over $10,000.

Obviously, things can get expensive very fast. That’s why it’s best to be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to your dog’s care. A visit to your veterinarian may not be cheap, but it could save you thousands in the long run — not to mention your dog’s life.

I hope you now have all the information you’ll need to handle your dog eating the meat absorbent pad. Remember that it’s best to be on the cautious side when you’re talking about something as important as your dog’s health. Good luck with everything and thank you for reading “My Dog Ate the Pad Under Meat, What Should I Do?”