My Dog Barks When I Eat Bananas

They’re healthy and they taste great, but it’s getting harder and harder to eat them because your dog barks when you eat bananas basically every time. Why do they react like this? Why does your dog bark when you eat bananas? Are they safe for them? What happens to dogs when they eat bananas? Do bananas calm dogs down?

You’ll soon have the answers to all of these questions including the one you’re probably most interested in: how to stop your dog barking when you eat bananas. Before long, this annoying issue will be behind you for good. Continue reading below for our article “My Dog Barks When I Eat Bananas!”

How to Stop Dog Barking When I Eat Bananas

My Dog Barks When I Eat Bananas

To stop dog barking when you eat bananas:

  1. To get your dog to be silent whenever they begin barking when you bananas, teach them the “quiet” command.
  2. To do this, take your dog to a place you know they’ll probably bark such as the park with plenty of treats.
  3. As soon as your dog starts barking, say “quiet” in a calm, positive voice. If they listen and become silent while also giving you their full focus give them a treat and praise immediately.
  4. But if your dog keeps barking or quickly starts again, then hide a treat in the palm of your hand.
  5. Put your fist right next to your dog’s nose. They’ll still be able to smell it even inside of your fist and will stop barking to investigate it.
  6. As soon as they’ve quit barking and are paying you all their attention, again say “quiet,” and then open your hand to give them a treat and praise.
  7. If they keep being silent and are giving you their attention, keep rewarding them with treats and praise.
  8. But if they again begin barking or are not paying attention, repeat the steps of hiding a treat inside of your fist, placing it near their nose, and waiting until they stop their barking and give you their attention.
  9. Always make sure to wait until they’ve quit their barking and are giving you all their focus, and then say “quiet” before you give them any treats or praise.
  10. This creates a positive connection with your dog with the “quiet” command, and with being silent and giving you their attention.
  11. With time, repetition, and patience, you will be able to get them to behave just with the “quiet” command, and it will no longer be necessary to put your hand by their mouth.
  12. Once your dog is doing well with just the command, then you can begin lengthening the duration of time you wait before you give them any rewards.
  13. Begin by waiting for about 2 seconds, then as they do well move that up to 5 seconds, and so on.
  14. It won’t be long until you’ll no longer need to reward your dog with praise and food, and they will be silent and pay attention to you just by you giving the command.

Still, to make real, long-lasting progress you need to ultimately address the problem at its root. Right now, your dog is basically doing whatever they want, losing control of their emotions, and most importantly: not listening to you or your commands to stop an unwanted behavior (barking when you eat lemons).

And to do that, we must first talk about what makes dogs tick deep down. You’ve likely heard before that dogs are pack animals, and that in every pack there is a pack leader.

But every time that your dog barks when you eat lemons, they are clearly telling you that they have no respect for you as the head of the family pack.

That’s because they’re engaging in a dominant behavior known as demand barking. This is when your dog has found out that if they just bark long enough, you’ll eventually give them whatever they want. But this unfortunately only teaches them (in their minds, at least) that they are in fact the ones in charge.

If they did respect you as the head of the family, they wouldn’t bark when you eat bananas to demand some for themselves. They wouldn’t display any other types of dominance-related misbehavior. And they would obey all of your commands at all times — immediately — and they would do so happily.

Prove to your dog that you are not just their pack leader, but a capable one worthy of respect, and you’ll make all of these terrific transformations happen.

You’ll win for obvious reasons. But your dog will be the real winner here because you’ll have freed them from all of the confusion and worry that their dominance problems are currently burdening their little shoulders with every moment of every day.

Sounds like a wonderful thing, wouldn’t you agree?

“Yes, definitely, but how do I do this then?”

You should watch an incredibly useful free video series which is on this very subject — how to be your dog’s pack leader — by a renowned trainer named Dan. In the series, he explains everything in ways that are very simple to follow and teach to your own dog, and he gets right to the point so that you can start seeing these important changes in your dog in no time.

Start watching Dan’s free training series now by clicking here. And don’t stress, because no, you’re not going to have to be mean or yell at your dog. Dan uses only 100% humane and loving teaching methods at all times. Not just because they’re the right thing to do, but also because they’re the fastest way to achieve permanent changes in your dog’s behavior.

Why Does My Dog Bark When I Eat Bananas?

Your dog barks when you eat bananas due to demand barking. Your dog sees what you have and wants some too, and they’re not going to stop until they get it. This is something seen often in dogs with feelings of dominance, and you’ve reinforced it as true in their minds by giving in to them in the past.

Essentially, your dog has come to think that they are the one in charge and every time that they barked and then you gave them what they want was proof to them that they are right. Each time this happened their belief that they were head of the household only grew stronger.

It’s important that you start addressing this immediately because each day that it goes on, it will only become harder to correct. Anything you have your dog will demand (if they’re not already). Your dog will bark when you’re eating blueberries, bark when you’re eating peaches, bark when you’re eating watermelon, and bark when you’re eating lemons.

They’re probably also going to be barking for other things you have that they want which aren’t food. If you have a ball, pillow, blanket, or basically anything, there’s a good chance your dog will start barking to demand it. They might not even actually want it. That’s because sometimes dominant dogs will behave like this just to assert themselves as being on top.

You can regain your dog’s obedience and respect much faster than you lost it though, thankfully. To find out how to accomplish that, and also to learn a quick command that will immediately stop your dog barking when you eat bananas or anything else, go back to the first section now.

What Happens to Dogs When They Eat Bananas?

Dogs can eat bananas and they are very healthy for them too. They’re high in fiber, making them a great choice if your dog has gastrointestinal issues like constipation. The magnesium bananas contain will help promote bone growth, while also helping them with vitamin absorption and the production of proteins in their body.

Dogs should not eat banana peels, however. Though they aren’t toxic to dogs, banana peels have very concentrated amounts of fiber which makes them difficult for them to digest. This could lead to vomiting or painful intestinal blockages. Be sure to dispose of the peel before giving your dog any slices of banana.

Do Bananas Calm Dogs Down?

Bananas do calm dogs down, especially if they have gastrointestinal problems. They’re high in dietary fiber, making them a great option for dogs with an upset stomach. They’ve also got all sorts of other positive nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, and vitamins C and B6. Just don’t give them the peels, as dogs have trouble digesting them which leads to blockages or vomiting.

I’m sure you’re ready to enjoy your banana in peace, so I’ll let you get going on things now. Best wishes with everything, and thank you for checking out our article “My Dog Barks When I Eat Bananas.”

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