Why Is My Old Dog Barking at Night All of a Sudden?

Is your senior dog barking at night all of a sudden for seemingly no reason at all? Well, while it may seem that way — there’s probably a very good explanation for what’s going on with your older dog’s nighttime barking.

In this article, we’ll cover the possible reasons your senior dog is barking for no reason, and give you some really easy to follow solutions that you can start seeing results with right away. With a little time and patience you can make life easier for both you and your beloved old dog.

Now, keep reading and we’ll get to answering “why is my old dog barking at night all of a sudden?”

How Do I Stop My Old Dog Barking at Night?

Why Is My Old Dog Barking at Night All of a Sudden?

To stop  your old dog barking at night, you must get rid of what is causing them to feel stressed, anxious, and the need to protect. Your senior dog barks at night all of a sudden because something triggers their worries, and their only known response is to bark to scare off this unknown thing.

We can get rid of this anxiety for them by letting them feel that they no longer need to be in charge. Once your older dog realizes you can handle things, they will be much more at ease and won’t feel the need to randomly bark at night or at any other times, because they’ll trust that you can handle things — even those that they don’t understand.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard before that dogs are pack animals, and that in every pack there will be a pack leader. When there is no clear head of the pack in your dog’s view, then it’s only natural that they will take it themselves.

This leads to their need to bark at whatever stresses or confuses them, because they feel it is their duty to protect themselves, you, and the home.

By showing your dog that you are the pack leader, you will make their life much more happy and less stressful — and also yours! Give your dog the peace of mind of knowing that you can handle everything, and you’ll be able to stop their barking at night, and other related behavioral problems such as separation anxiety.

“Alright, but how exactly do I do that?”

It’s much easier than you’d think — even with a senior dog! I would take a look at excellent free video series about becoming your dog’s pack leader by a renowned trainer named Dan. In it, he’ll show you everything you need to know to help your older dog, and he of course does everything in a 100% humane and loving manner.

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Dan makes everything very easy to follow and teach to your senior dog, and he gets right to the point without wasting time — meaning you’ll start seeing results in no time!

Why Does My Senior Dog Bark for No Reason?

Your senior dog barks for what seems like no reason, but there’s actually some very common explanations. These all occur and become more prevalent as dogs get older, which is why it gives the appearance that your older dog barks for no reason:

  • Aging and the normal changes that come with it like aches, pains, and not being able to play in the ways that they had been accustomed to can be worrying and stressful to a dog. Some choose to vocalize this anxiety through whining, howling, or barking.
  • Again related to aging, a dog’s hearing and eyesight worsen and make it harder to discern threats from things they recognize, especially at night. They get stressed and worried about not knowing what they’re hearing or seeing like they always have before, so they seemingly bark at random. This is not the same as senile barking, though they are both age-related.
  • Older dogs become less playful and may not be able to go on as long of walks, and sometimes that means we are inadvertently spending less quality time with them. This leads to separation anxiety, which some dogs will exhibit through barking.
  • Unfortunately, it can also be due to senility, which causes your older dog to be confused and stressed, leading them to bark.

For the first three reasons, we’ll cover how to handle things in the last section — which you can skip to now. If you think your senior dog barking for no reason may be due to senility, we’ve got more information on that next.

How Do I Stop Senile Barking?

To stop senile barking in older dogs, you’ll use many of the same methods you would use with younger dogs barking in general, just with some modifications.

Your senior dog’s senile barking is still sourced in stress and anxiety, just as it is in many other dogs. The difference is that with the older dogs it is beginning due to confusion, which leads to the anxious, worrisome feelings that they let out through barking.

Reduce your older dog’s senile barking by controlling their environment. Once you’ve limited what’s causing their stress, you can then use training to get them to stop barking (if they are still at all).

Try these tips to make things less stressful for a senile senior dog that barks:

  1. Limit your dog’s access to the house. If your dog hasn’t been properly trained, they will feel like it is their duty to protect everything and everyone. Controlling the area that they feel they need “to cover” can ease their mind.
  2. Keep your older dog to a rigidly consistent routine. A predictable day-to-day schedule is much easier for senior dogs, and may help reduce any barking related to senility by keeping things simple and as expected.
  3. Incorporate hand signals along with verbal commands. Your dog may be having trouble remembering commands, which frustrates and stresses them, leading to anxious barking at night and other times which might be attributed to senility. Hand signals can give them another cue to associate with, which may be helpful in their recall.

Once you’ve limited the things in your senior dog’s environment that could be causing them unnecessary stress and worry, you can begin making progress with training away any remaining unwanted barking at night or any other time of the day.

I’m sure you’re eager to stop your old dog barking at night all of a sudden, so I’ll let you get started. Good luck with everything!