My Dog Gets Overly Excited When Guests Come Over! [What to Do!]

It’s completely normal if your dog gets overly excited when guests come over, or if you’re dealing with an overexcited puppy with visitors. But what’s going on, and more importantly, how do you put a stop to all of it? Today, we’ll discuss why dogs and puppies get so excited when visitors arrive and what you can do to prepare for these interactions.

You’ll learn how to calm your overexcited dog or puppy, how to get your dog to give your guests some space, and we’ll also provide you with tips for socializing your puppy with strangers. Keep reading to ensure it goes great the next time you have visitors!

My Dog Gets Overly Excited When Guests Come Over

My Dog Gets Overly Excited When Guests Come Over

If your dog gets overly excited when guests come over, it’s a result of enthusiasm, lack of proper socialization, or simply an overflow of energy. While it’s a natural response for many dogs, managing and training your dog to behave appropriately around guests is essential for a comfortable and stress-free environment for everyone.

Dog Goes Crazy When Guests Come Over: Prepping for Visitors

If your dog goes crazy when guests come over, it’s important to prepare by managing the environment and expectations. Providing a quiet space for your dog to calm down away from the excitement can be helpful.

Prior to the guests’ arrival, engaging your dog in a rigorous play session or walk can help tire them out, making them more relaxed when your visitors arrive.

How to Calm Overexcited Dog With Visitors Over

Calming an overexcited dog when visitors are over involves a mix of training and diversion tactics. Keep your dog occupied with a puzzle toy or a long-lasting treat during the visit. Teach your dog to greet guests calmly by rewarding them for sitting or lying down when guests arrive.

Consistent training and reinforcing calm behavior with treats and praise can significantly help in managing their excitement.

How to Get My Dog to Leave Guests Alone

To get your dog to leave guests alone, you can train them to go to a specific spot or bed on command. This training should be done in a step-by-step process:

  1. Choose a designated spot like a bed or a mat for your dog.
  2. Use a command like ‘go to your place’ and lead your dog to the spot.
  3. When your dog goes to the spot, reward them with a treat and praise.
  4. Practice this regularly, gradually increasing the distance and distractions.

This command is helpful in situations where you need your dog to stay away from guests, giving them a specific action to focus on and helping them remain calm.

While it’s natural for dogs to get excited about guests, training and preparation can help manage their behavior. It’s important to remember, however, that any underlying behavioral issues (poor socialization, boredom, etc.) that were causing all of this to begin with will still be present.

And until you address those, any positive changes you see will only be temporary.

“Well, how do I make these changes last?”

By getting your dog to truly choose to follow your direction, that’s how. I tried many times to write out how you can do that before deciding it made more sense to just link you to the free video series that explains it better than I’d ever be able to.

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Overexcited Puppy With Visitors

Overexcited Puppy With Visitors

An overexcited puppy with visitors is not unusual, with it being a common response due to their naturally high energy levels and curiosity. Puppies often view visitors as new playmates and sources of attention, which can lead to overexcitement. Providing structured guidance and training is crucial for teaching your puppy appropriate social behavior and ensuring comfortable interactions with guests.

Why Do Puppies Get Overexcited With Visitors?

Puppies get overexcited with visitors due to their inherent curiosity, enthusiasm for new experiences, and desire for social interaction. This excitement is often a reflection of their eagerness to interact and engage with new people.

To manage this, it’s important to teach puppies calm greetings when you arrive home and reinforce calm behavior with treats and praise. Learn a command that will help with this by going back to the first section now.

How to Calm Puppy When Guests Come Over

Calming a puppy when guests come over involves a combination of exercise, training, and distraction. Ensure your puppy has had enough physical activity before the guests’ arrival to help them burn off some of their excess energy.

During the visit, you can provide your puppy with toys or chew treats, this will help keep them occupied and ignoring your guests. It’s also a good idea to reward calm behavior with praise and treats.

How to Socialize Puppy With Strangers

Socializing a puppy with strangers is an important part of their development. Introduce your puppy to a variety of people in controlled settings, allowing them to interact at their own pace. Encourage positive interactions with gentle handling and treats.

Remember, socialization should be a positive experience, so be mindful of your puppy’s comfort level and avoid overwhelming situations.

In conclusion, an overexcited puppy with visitors is a normal but manageable behavior. Through proper exercise, training, and socialization, you can help your puppy learn to interact with guests in a calm and friendly manner. This not only makes visits more enjoyable but also contributes to your puppy’s overall behavioral development.

You’re probably ready to begin now that you have all of your questions about your dog going crazy with visitors answered, so I’ll let you get started on things. Good luck, and thanks for taking a look at our article “My Dog Gets Overly Excited When Guests Come Over! [What to Do!]”.

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