How to Stop Dog Aggression

Your dog’s aggression is driving you crazy, and I certainly don’t blame you for that. Seeing your dog act like this is frustrating and not being able to stop the issue can leave you feeling frustrated and helpless.

Let’s look on the bright side of things, though, beginning with the fact that you’re not the first one to experience this problem. More importantly, it CAN be solved and it won’t be as difficult as you may have been led to believe.

Keep reading to learn how to stop your dog’s aggression for good!

Types of dog aggression

dog aggression towards other dogs

They range from hyper aggressive to fearful and everything in between. Aggression can also come and go, with some dogs keeping it going continuously while other dogs’ aggression will rise and fall erratically.

More dominant dogs will be more proactive when their aggression shows, frequently attacking even when running away is an option. More fearful, passive dogs will only attack when running away is not an option.

Whether your dog shows it through fear or hyper aggression, the root cause is the same: your dog does not view you as the pack leader. This causes fearful dogs to retreat or lash out feeling they have no other option, and dominant dogs to become hyper aggressive because they feel they have to protect you.

Learn how to establish yourself as pack leader and stop your dog’s aggression by watching this video, or keep reading if you’d like to learn a little more on the subject first.

My dog is just a puppy

All puppies are going to bite and growl a bit during play — that’s normal. Most have no intention of hurting people or other dogs, but truly aggressive puppies need to be taught obedience before they learn that this type of behavior is acceptable.

Puppies that are biting, snapping, or growling during normal handling and petting have aggression issues that need to be addressed right away. Lip curling, lunging, dead-eye stares, aggressive barking, and possessiveness are other common signs of puppy aggression.

If your pup is displaying these signs then it’s very important to put a stop to their aggression now before they get big enough to do some real damage.

My dog is aggressive with strangers

Your dog becoming aggressive with strangers, whether it’s out in public or in your home, is a clear sign that your dog thinks that they are in charge. They become aggressive when new people are around because they feel the need to protect the both of you.

Growling, barking, and roughly pulling the leash are just a few of the common signs of this behavior. Dogs acting out in this manner will also usually be doing so in other areas (digging, tearing things up, etc.), so it’s important that you end their misbehavior by establishing yourself as pack leader right away.

My dog is aggressive with other dogs

Everyone knows that there’s a problem if your dog is being aggressive with other dogs in your household. But many of these same people also think that a dog staring down or angrily barking at strange dogs is just a normal behavior that doesn’t need to be taken care of which is absolutely NOT true.

Even if it hasn’t escalated to actual violence (yet), you need to get a handle on this behavior immediately. If you don’t, the stare downs, aggressive stances, and barking are going to turn to much worse. The way to stop it? You have to let your dog know that you — and you alone — are the one in charge.

How to stop dog aggression

To finally put an end to all the headaches and worry your dog’s aggression is causing you, you must make it very clear to them that you are their pack leader. You make the decisions! And to teach your dog that you are their pack leader, it’s best to learn by watching rather than just reading.

I tried many times to write out how to be your dog’s pack leader before deciding it was better to just link the video series that explains it. Doggy Dan is one of the world’s leading dog obedience trainers and has an excellent video series where he teaches you how to put an end to your dog’s aggression and all other misbehavior using his very easy to follow methods.

In the first video, Dan will reveal to you why the two most common methods of dog training only doom you to failure. You can watch the video now by clicking here. Follow the methods he teaches in his videos and you’ll never have to spend another second worrying about your dog getting aggressive again!

Remember that until you fix this issue your dog’s misbehavior is going to continue forever. They will not simply wake up one morning a changed dog, so you need to take action now so that you and your dog can have a loving, stress-free relationship.

Good luck, and make sure to pin this in case you need to check back in on this article for any reason.

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