How to Stop Dog Barking at Birds

Having trouble taking your dog on walks or putting them out in the backyard because they won’t stop barking their little heads off at the birds? Why do they do that? Why do dogs bark at birds? And why are dogs obsessed with birds anyways? Should you just let it happen because they won’t care, or do barking dogs scare birds away?

Well, today we’re going to answer all of the questions you have concerning this very common issue. And while it may be frustrating, the good news is that it’s not that tough of a problem to fix. Soon, it will all be behind you! So without further ado, let’s get to our article “How to Stop Dog Barking at Birds!”

How to Stop Your Dog Barking at Birds

How to Stop Dog Barking at Birds

To stop your dog barking at birds, you should start by teaching them that the behavior is not allowed. Go outside with your dog and if they start barking at birds, immediately give them a calm but firm “quiet” command. If they do not listen, take them back inside right away.

Wait a bit, then you can try going outside again. Repeat these steps as long as your dog continues to bark at the birds. Your dog should soon learn that the second they bark, they no longer get to watch the birds.

But you’ll still need to address their desire to bark whenever they feel like it.

Right now, when your dog doesn’t listen when you tell them to stop barking at birds and at other times, they are not respecting your ability to lead. You’ve likely heard before that dogs are pack animals, and that in every pack there is a pack leader. Your dog’s behavior and refusal of your commands shows that they do not view you as a worthy pack leader.

But by proving to your dog that you are not just their pack leader — but a capable and effective one at that — you’ll be able to get them to stop barking at the birds and at other times. You’ll also put a stop to other unwanted stubborn behaviors you’re likely seeing (or will be soon) like aggressiveness, leash pulling, and just a general refusal to listen.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

“Well, yeah, but how exactly do I do that?”

I’d recommend watching an excellent free video series by a renowned trainer named Dan which is on just this subject: how to be your dog’s pack leader. In it, he explains everything in ways that are very easy to understand and teach to your own dog, and he gets right to the point so that you’ll start seeing results in no time.

Start watching Dan’s free training series now by clicking here. And don’t worry about having to be mean, because you won’t. Dan only uses 100% humane and loving training methods at all times. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s the only way to achieve fast, permanent changes with your beloved four-legged friend.

Why Do Dogs Bark at Birds?

Dogs bark at birds because it’s a natural instinct from them resulting from hunter behavior. They see them in the yard, and it reminds them of their prey — rodents or other small animals that they would chase down if given the chance! It may be amusing to watch for a few minutes, but when your dog won’t stop barking at birds all day long? That’s when you begin having problems.

Smaller dogs may also bark at birds because they’re scared. While some dogs retreat to safety when they feel anxious and worried, others will show it by barking as a warning to whatever is scaring them. If your dog is generally on the more timid side (and not chasing after the birds), then it’s likely they’re barking more because they’re frightened, rather than trying to hunt.

Either way, if your dog isn’t responding to your commands to stop barking at the birds, you need to begin addressing the issue right away. Allowing it to continue, or even laughing if you find it cute to see your dog chasing the birds, gives your dog the idea that it’s not only okay but also encouraged.

Soon, your dog will also be barking at the postman, barking at joggers, and maybe even barking when tied up briefly outside of a store. Obviously, these would stop being cute very fast, so it’s best to start addressing the behavior now through training. We went over how to do that in the first section of this article.

Why Are Dogs Obsessed With Birds?

Dogs are obsessed with birds because they have a natural hunting instinct. If your dog can’t stop chasing after birds or focusing on them, then they are seeing them as prey. Since dogs are cursorial mammals, it’s in their instincts to run and chase after things that are small and vulnerable.

That’s why you’ll often see your dog outside focusing intently on birds. While part of them is just interested in watching them fly around, another part is also looking for an opportunity to strike. It’s not a big issue, however, if your dog is not showing aggression, barking, or refusing commands to stop.

Do Barking Dogs Scare Birds?

Barking dogs do scare birds but it’s not something that they can’t handle. Birds will obviously be startled by loud, sudden noises — especially when they come from a potential predator like a dog — but they are also very skilled at flying to safety at a moment’s notice. It’s actually not unusual for some birds to make a game out of teasing dogs because they know they can easily get away.

I’m sure you’re eager to get your dog to listen and stop this annoying behavior, so I’ll let you get started on things now. Good luck, and thank you for reading “How to Stop Dog Barking at Birds.”