How Do I Stop My Dog From Destroying My Grass?

You’ve been there. You go to bring your dog in from the backyard and you see that all that nice green grass has been replaced with a new slew of ugly holes. It looks bad and makes the yard dangerous for children or anyone else to use. But is there anything that can be done?

Of course! In this article, we’ll fill you in on the possible causes for your dog’s digging, and exactly how to address each one. So with no further ado, let’s get to answering the question “how do I stop my dog from destroying my grass?”

How to Stop Your Dog From Ruining Your Grass

How Do I Stop My Dog From Destroying My Grass?

To stop your dog from ruining your grass, the methods in this article below will only help if your dog’s digging is due to boredom or excess energy. For other dogs, however, they will not be effective because many dogs are digging to relieve stress from separation anxiety.

Many of the most active diggers you’ll find are doing so because they become very anxious when their owners are away. The constant digging while you are gone keeps them occupied and busy, which helps to relieve the stress of worrying about where you are and when you’ll come back.

Your dog experiences separation anxiety when you are away because they are worried about your safety. They are stressed because they feel that they are the only one who can protect you, and they are not able to do their job when you are not around.

Your dog feels it is there duty to protect you because they do not view you as truly in charge. You’ll remember that dogs are pack animals, and in every pack there will be a leader. Since you’ve unwittingly failed at showing your dog that you are their pack leader, they have assumed the role themselves.

You can put an end to all their stress and anxiety (and in turn, their digging) by showing them that you can handle things, and that you are the leader of your family pack.

But how do you do that, you’re wondering? Well, I’m of the view that these things are better learned by watching rather than reading, because you’re able to see exactly how you should be handling things with your own dog.

That’s why I would check out an excellent free video series from a renowned dog trained named Dan which will teach you how to be your dog’s pack leader. Do that, and you’ll be able to get rid of your dog’s separation anxiety — along with common misbehaviors that come along with it like digging, barking, and destroying things.

Start watching Dan’s free training series now by clicking here. He gets right to the point and makes everything very easy to understand, so you’ll start seeing real progress with your dog in no time. And don’t worry, he of course uses only 100% humane and loving methods — so no being mean!

How Do I Stop My Dogs From Digging Holes?

To stop your dogs from digging holes, you’ll want to begin with the following methods:

  • Make sure you’re walking your dogs at least twice per day to work out any excess energy.
  • Give your dog lots of playtime and attention.
  • Bring them inside immediately when they begin digging behavior.
  • Create a digging pit in your backyard. Section it off with wood posts, fill with sand, and plant toys for your dog to discover. They’ll quickly make a positive connection with digging in this spot rather than others.

Will Vinegar Stop a Dog From Digging?

Vinegar has been used effectively to stop a dog from digging. Just apply a 50/50 vinegar to water mix to your lawn in your dog’s favorite digging spots with a garden sprayer.

This vinegar mixture will be effective for many dogs who dig because of boredom, but others will simply push past the smell and continue digging, in which case you’ll need to try other solutions.

Will Coffee Grounds Keep Dogs From Digging?

Coffee grounds are another substance that is often effective at keeping dogs from digging in the yard. Just spread the coffee grounds on the places you don’t want your dog to dig and it should discourage them.

You should now have all the tools you’ll need to stop your dog from digging holes in your yard, regardless of whether it’s caused by boredom or separation anxiety. Enjoy your new hole-free yard, and thank you for reading our article “How Do I Stop My Dog From Destroying My Grass?”

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