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How to Stop Dog Separation Anxiety

How to stop separation anxiety in dogs. Find out EXACTLY what's going on! Learn the root cause, symptoms, and how to stop dog separation anxiety for good just by reading this article!
Dog separation anxiety is a very common and stressful behavioral issue, and also one of the most misunderstood. Where many dog owners go wrong is by looking at it from a human point of view instead of actually addressing the root cause (we’ll get to that, keep reading).

Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

How dogs show symptoms of separation anxiety varies widely. Your dog may exhibit only one, a few, or all of the behaviors below. But regardless of how they exhibit their stress, it will all ultimately be treated the same way.

Chewing: Is your dog chewing things up when you’re gone? That’s because they receive a calming endorphin rush similar to how some people will chew gum when stressed or nervous.

Barking or Whining: Dogs do this when they are essentially calling, or begging, for you to return home similar to the way you might call for your children.

Escaping When You’re Away: Some dogs will become destructive, and even escape, in their desperate search to find you. Many people believe the answer here is more exercise for your dog, but this will not solve the problem.

Digging: Another common behavior of dogs who are very stressed due to separation anxiety.

Excessive Licking, Drooling: These are displays of stress that are frequently also destructive. Some dogs will even take it to the point that they harm themselves.

Potty Accidents: Is your dog house trained but still has accidents when you’re gone? If it’s only occurring while you’re away, then it is likely due to separation anxiety.

separation anxiety in dogs

How to Stop Dog Separation Anxiety

While there any many methods you’ll see which will address the symptoms, the only way to end it for good is by addressing the root cause. By showing your dog that you are their pack leader you will solve the problem.

Your dog is experiencing anxiety while you are away because you have let them believe that they are the one in charge, that they are the leader of the household pack. To them, you are their pup or another member of their pack.

In the wild, a dog would not wander off on its own away from the den without causing a great deal of stress. So when you let your dog believe that they are the pack leader, and you leave the home, they get very worried!

Establishing yourself as pack leader is a crucial step to raising a happy, obedient dog. And given the right instruction, it’s actually much easier to learn than you’d think.

I’m of the view that it’s much quicker and more effective to learn by watching a master at their craft rather than just reading about it. There’s an excellent free video series ran by world-renowned professional dog trainer Doggy Dan which will show you how to be your dog’s pack leader.

You can click here to start watching now. Dan will show you in short, easy to follow videos how to show your dog that you’re in charge and end their separation anxiety. He also addresses other common issues including barking, aggression, and housetraining.

Follow Dan’s instructions and you should have all this craziness behind you soon! Make sure to pin this in case a friend needs help too!