How to Stop Your Puppy From Jumping On People

Dog jumping on people? Learn how to stop it now or regret it forever! Find out how to stop your dog from jumping on people now, just by following the 5 easy tips in this article!
Your puppy jumping up on you, the furniture, and other things may be annoying at times but it’s actually a very natural thing. It’s something that was bred into them long ago.

Puppies in the wild would jump up to lick their mother’s face, encouraging them to regurgitate food for the pup to eat. But obviously times are much different now and cute as it may be, the behavior needs to be controlled.

Teaching your puppy to stop jumping up by showing them that they will not get attention when they do so is incredibly important to teach them at an early age. After all, it may not be too bothersome now, but imagine when your pup is a full-grown 70lb dog!

Puppy Jumping On You

When your puppy is jumping up on you, respond by simply turning and walking away. Ignore them. Don’t give them eye contact, don’t speak to them, don’t touch them.¬†Continue to ignore them until they’ve calmed down, then wait about 5 minutes before finally calling your puppy over to you.

If your puppy does not change their behavior when ignored, step things up a bit. Leave the room completely, or put your puppy in an entirely different room and shut the door. They’ll soon make the connection that jumping on people equals being alone.

Puppy Jumping On Visitors

If you’re having a problem with your puppy jumping up on visitors, you should instruct them to also practice the ignore method. You may need to hold on to your puppy’s collar until they relax to keep them from your visitors.

Once the puppy has relaxed, you can release them. If they nip at you or your visitors, or continue to try to jump on your visitors, bring them into another room or put them in their crate.

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Puppy Jumping On You Before Walks

It’s understandable for them to be excited, but remember that you need to teach them while they’re young that you are in charge — that you’re their pack leader — and jumping up on you or other people is not okay.

Respond to your puppy jumping up before walks by putting the leash away and waiting until your puppy is calm. I’m sure you enjoy the walk also but you can’t let your pup think that they run the show.

Learn how to establish yourself as pack leader and stop your dog from jumping on people by watching this video, or keep reading if you’d like to learn a little more on the subject first.

Important points to remember:

  • Do NOT give in to your puppy’s attention-seeking. Stay calm and do not speak.
  • Your puppy jumping up on you is NOT how they show love to you.
  • Space is very important to dogs. If you let them invade yours, they will lose respect for your authority.
  • Do not call your puppy or give them cuddles until they have calmed down.
  • Be confident, assertive, and keep your arms folded while ignoring your puppy.

Most Common Mistakes

Inconsistency: Sometimes you ignore your puppy when they are jumping up on you, but sometimes you can’t resist and give them the attention they’re demanding. Don’t do this!

Making Eye Contact: Your puppy will view this as an invitation to come over. Remember to be confident and ignore your pup until they have calmed down.

Once your puppy has learned that you run the show — not them — you should see a change in their jumping, as well as other unwanted behaviors. Your pup needs to know that you are their pack leader. Both of your lives will be happier this way.

I tried many times to write out how to be your dog’s pack leader before deciding it was better to just link the video series that explains it. Doggy Dan is one of the world’s leading dog obedience trainers and has an excellent video series where he teaches you how to put an end to your dog’s jumping on people and all other misbehavior using his very easy to follow methods.

In the first video, Dan will reveal to you why the two most common methods of dog training only doom you to failure. You can watch the video now by clicking here. Follow the methods he teaches in his videos and you’ll never have to spend another second worrying about your dog getting aggressive again!

Remember that until you fix this issue your dog’s misbehavior is going to continue forever. They will not simply wake up one morning a changed dog, so you need to take action now so that you and your dog can have a loving, stress-free relationship.

The only thing left is for you to get going! Remember to be firm and consistent with your puppy, and make sure to pin this in case you need to check back while training your pup.

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