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Why Do Dogs Hide Bones?

Why dogs hide bones? Find out the EXACT reason why do dogs hide bones, and what you need to do about it. Learn absolutely everything about dogs hiding bones just by reading this article!
There’s probably been a time where you’ve been cleaning around the house, or doing work out in the yard, when you came across one of your dog’s hidden or buried bones. But why exactly did they stash it away there? Why do dogs hide bones?

Odd as it may be, there’s actually a very simple explanation as to why your dog likes to bury or hide their treats. And like with most behaviors, it all comes down to your dog’s natural instincts which go all the way back to its ancestors.

Hopefully, your dog has all the treats and dog food they need to stay active and healthy. But your dog’s ancestors had to deal with times where there was plenty of food and times where there was not — not to mention competition from each other.

They learned to protect their finds — bones, carcasses, and such — from both outsiders and other members of their pack by burying them somewhere nearby their den. It would be hoarded until needed when food became scarce.

Dogs are not the only creatures in the animal world which practice this type of behavior. Leopards drag their kills high into the trees, beavers collect vegetation around their lodges, and squirrels hoard nuts by burying them or stashing them in tree hollows.

Should I Stop My Dog from Hiding Their Bones?

Nope! There’s nothing to worry about if your dog is hiding their bones or treats. There could be some issues that are related (like, for instance, if your dog is getting aggressive towards people or other dogs when they have their bone), but the act itself is not a problem.

If you’re having behavior issues in general with your dog, like disobeying commands or pulling on their leash, it all boils down to your dog just not viewing you as their pack leader. There is an excellent free video series by trainer Doggy Dan that will show you how to take on that role.

His quick and to the point video series will help you develop a relationship with your dog based on obedience and love. You can go ahead and start watching it now by clicking here. It’s very well done and will help both you and your dog tremendously.

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