Why Does My Dog Get Jealous When I Kiss My Partner?

You know the feeling. Things are just starting to heat up between you and your partner when all of the sudden your dog comes nosing in, ruining the moment. Sometimes they’re just looking for affection for themselves, but other times it can be worse — with your dog lashing out and getting aggressive.

Is your partner doomed to be the third wheel in you and your dog’s relationship? Of course not! You, your dog, and your partner can all learn to live together as a big, happy family with all the uninterrupted love from your partner you’ve been wanting.

Keep reading, and we’ll answer the question, “why does my dog get jealous when I kiss my partner,” and also tell you exactly what to do to fix the problem!

How to Stop My Dog Being Jealous of My Partner

Why Does My Dog Get Jealous When I Kiss My Partner?

To stop your dog from being jealous of your partner, you must take control of your dog’s issue with the hierarchy of the pack in your household. Dogs need someone to be in charge of the pack, and when they do not view you as this, they will take that role themselves.

When your dog thinks that they are pack leader, you’re almost certainly going to have other behavioral issues such as aggression, leash pulling, separation anxiety, and more. But fortunately, you can quickly get a handle on all of these things through training which starts by first establishing yourself at the top of your household pack.

How do you do that, you ask? Well, I’m of the view that its easier to learn by watching rather than reading, particularly when you’re training your dog. That’s why I would check out an excellent free video series by a renowned dog trainer named Dan which covers everything you’ll need to know to be pack leader.

Dan uses only 100% humane and loving methods (of course), so you’ll never have to worry about being mean to your doggo. He shows you exactly what to do with your dog in easy to follow videos that are short and get right to the point, so you’ll be making real progress in no time.

Start watching Dan’s free training series now by clicking here. Establishing yourself as household pack leader will allow you, your dog, and your partner or boyfriend to all have a wonderful relationship together. Just think: no more interrupted kisses! 🙂

You’ll also be relieving your dog of tremendous amounts of stress and anxiety, so absolutely everyone in the home will be a winner!

Why Is My Dog Jealous of My Boyfriend?

Your dog is jealous of your boyfriend because they already have underlying problems with anxiety and stress. Acting jealous, worried, or getting aggressive is simply the way this anxiety is showing itself.

Remember that dogs are pack animals, and within every pack there is a pack leader. One of a pack leader’s responsibilities is protecting weaker members of the pack. When you’ve not assumed this role yourself, your dog will naturally take it over.

Whether your dog has accepted your boyfriend or partner into the pack doesn’t really matter. That’s because as long as they view themselves as pack leader and not you, they will still see you as weak and in need of protection.

So when you and your boyfriend or partner start to get affectionate, sometimes they will misinterpret this as aggression, meaning they need to protect you. Other times, they’ll see it for what is — love — but as pack leader will still want to demand that attention for themselves.

This leads to lashing out and behavioral problems which can be as simple as whining or barking at the two of you, or becoming angry and aggressive towards your boyfriend or partner in more extreme cases.

I’m sure you’re looking forward to interruption-free nights with your significant other, so I’ll let you get to things! Good luck, and be sure to pin and share this in case you want to read again later!