Separation Anxiety

Why Won’t My Dog Leave Me Alone?

We love our dogs, including all the attention and love they give us. But when your dog is clingy does it mean something else? Are they sick? Are you sick (or pregnant)? What if your dog gets attached all of a sudden?

The good news is that there’s some very clear explanations for why all of this is occurring, and we’re going to let you know what you should do about it in each case. So keep reading and we’ll cover everything you need to know about “why won’t my dog leave me alone?”

How Do I Get My Dog to Leave Me Alone?

Why Won't My Dog Leave Me Alone?

To get your dog to leave you alone, you must address what is causing them to be so clingy in the first place. Whether they’re sticking by your side due to dominance or separation anxiety issues, either way your dog is basically saying they don’t trust your leadership.

Think about it: a dominant dog will stay around you because they feel obligated to protect you because they think you’re unable to do so yourself. A dog being clingy due to separation anxiety stays near you because they get very stressed and worried about what will happen to you if they’re not around.

Either way, they feel it is their job to look out for your wellbeing. While this may sound like a good thing if you want them to be a guard dog, it is not because you can have them fulfill that role without all the negatives that come along with dominance or separation anxiety behaviors.
You’ve probably heard before about dogs being pack animals, and that in every pack there is going to be a pack leader. When a dog doesn’t see you (at least in their eyes) taking that role, then they will naturally believe that it’s their duty to handle it themselves.

Prove to your dog that you are a capable pack leader and they’ll leave you alone while still being a loyal, trustworthy, and protective (but only when necessary) companion. By doing so, you’ll end related misbehaviors you’re likely having — or will soon if the problem isn’t addressed — like barking, aggression, tearing things up, leash pulling, refusing commands, and more.

“Okay, but I don’t know how to train my dog or how to show them that I’m their pack leader??”

That’s no problem, because it’s not a difficult thing to learn — you just need the right instructions to follow. And this is the type of thing that I think is best learned by watching rather than reading, because you’ll really get to see exactly how you should be doing things with your own dog.

That’s why I would check out an excellent free video series by a renowned trainer named Dan that’s about that very subject: how to become your dog’s pack leader. Dan will show you everything you need to know, and he of course does everything in a 100% loving and humane manner.

Start watching Dan’s free training series now by clicking here. And remember that you’ve got nothing to worry about because his videos are made exactly for people like you. He makes everything really simple to understand, and gets right to the point so you can start seeing results in a hurry.

My Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone, Am I Pregnant?

If your dog won’t leave you alone, it doesn’t mean you are pregnant, though it’s certainly possible that they could know before you do. The internet has countless stories from women who say their dogs noticed their pregnancy first.

And there is scientific backup for dogs having this ability. Dogs have incredible senses of smell (up to 100,000 times better than ours) and can absolutely detect a difference in your scent due to the hormonal changes that occur even in the early stages of pregnancy.

It is certainly possible for a dog to tell that you’re pregnant, which could cause them to not leave you alone. Obviously, though, you should not take be making any major life decisions based on your dog’s diagnosis until you’ve sought a second (human) opinion.

Why Is My Dog So Attached to Me All of a Sudden?

Your dog is so attached to you all of a sudden because:

  • They have separation anxiety, and something’s bothering them more lately so they’re sticking closer to you. Go back to the first section and we’ll cover what to do.
  • There’s been a change in their environment or their routine. This makes dogs uneasy and it wouldn’t be unusual for them to be more clingy while they get used to things. Give it a week or two and they should get back to normal.
  • They are practicing dominant behavior, and have noticed a new stranger (or perhaps someone known to you but not to your dog) which is making them feel the need to protect you, even when this person isn’t around. Go back to the first section of this article for instructions.
  • They’re sick and not feeling well. Are they acting lethargic or not eating? If your dog’s acting strangely, consider taking them to the vet.
  • They’re just bored. Think for a second. Have you had less time to play lately because you’re busy or the weather hasn’t cooperated? Try giving them more indoor playtime.

Why Won’t My Dog Leave Me Alone at Night?

Your dog won’t leave you alone at night likely due to separation anxiety. If your dog is being clingy at night just occasionally, then it could just be that a noise or something scared them.

When your dog won’t leave you alone at night on a regular basis, then your dog is experiencing separation anxiety. We went over how you can help ease their worries and get them to give you a little space in the first section of this article.

My Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone, Am I Dying?

Dogs are very good at detecting when people are sick, but that doesn’t mean you are dying. Remember that dogs have been by our sides for thousands of years now, and during all that time have gotten to know us perhaps better than ourselves.

Dogs can pick up on all sorts of smells and behavioral cues that we might miss on ourselves and loved ones. They’re even able to detect when people’s blood sugar levels rise or fall.

If your dog won’t leave you alone, is constantly watching you, resting their head on you, and just being more protective in general, then perhaps consider visiting the doctor if something doesn’t feel right.

I’ll let you get to things now so you can address your dog’s behavioral problems and turn them into a dog who still shows lots of love without needing to be by your side 24/7. Make sure to pin and share this in case you need to check back later for some reminders. Good luck!